Ramu Kaka Lives On

Ramu Kaka[रामू काका] that omnipresent character present in most Hindi films, a man of impeachable character, integrity and honesty has affected the Indian mind more than any other character in history, not even Mahatma Gandhi. The legacy of Ramu Kaka shapes our destiny and everyday life at the present moment more than at any other point of the history of independent India.

The Ramu Kakas of Hindi cinema were the loyal ‘Man Friday’s’ of the rich/royal or Zamindar family, ever present in Hindi films. Ramu Kaka was the one who looked after the family estate/business till the son [बेटा/छोटा साहेब] or the daughter [बिटिया रानी] grew up. The Owners wife [मालकिन] thrust this responsibility on the ever-willing shoulders of Ramu Kaka more often than not due to the untimely demise of the Owner [मालिक].

The strongest point of Ramu Kaka is his unflinching loyalty to his Owners. Most Hindi films show that when the children grow up, they starts stripping the family estate of its assets. This is invariably done under the influence of the relatives of the Malkin [मालकिन], who more often than not comes from an improvised background. Ramu Kaka does nothing; after all, he is a servant. He knows in his heart that it is the birthright of the Owners to do what they please.

Ramu Kaka is also an inspiration for some other servants of the Owner’s family; he has more often than not a lot of other understudies. When one of the servants looking after a family holding/business in another town goes wrong, that responsibility is placed on the shoulder of the understudy, normally called [शामू]. One must note that it will take a lot of grey hairs for Shamu to be elevated to that exalted post of Kaka. There is always healthy and brotherly competition amongst the loyal servants.

Coming back to Ramu Kaka, the impact of his ever present role in Hindi Cinema has had such an impact on the Indian sub-conscious mind that we tend not to see him for what he really is, just a servant but a man of countless great qualities. We see him as an inspiration to guide us, we aspire to be like him, he is our role model.

Ramu Kaka is the future of India.
Long live Ramu Kaka
Long live the Owners
God save India

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