Prophecies about India - 2

Neither repented they of their murders, nor of their sorceries…nor of their thefts. - Prophet John –Revelation 9.21. This is a Bible Prophecy which speaks of one of the signs leading to the count down to the coming world climax or Armageddon. The word “sorceries” given in this prophecy can be translated as pharmakeia, a word from which the word pharmacy has been derived.

This is an continuation of my post on the Prophecies about India,where I have stated that we are at the present moment somewhere in the midst of the period of Kaliguga, which has been described in the Hindu Puranas.This Bible prophecy is also more applicable to India, than some other large countries. The coming World Climax has already commenced in India. This prophecy from the Bible is just one of the signs, I will be writing in the future about the other signs.

There are no reliable estimates as to the percentage of fake or counterfeit drugs, including life saving ones circulating the world over. The estimates vary between 10% to over 50% in some countries. The higher percentage is in some counties with weak and corrupt regulatory and enforcement Laws. The exact percentage of fake or counterfeit drugs in India is not known, one never hears of widespread drives on part of the government to curb the menace of fake drugs. There is no estimate as to how many lives are lost as a result of this menace.

The other most wide spread menace is the rampant and unabated use of Oxytocin a cheap hormone which is normally used in female reproduction, to inject fruits and vegetables. This hormone causes unnatural and rapid growth of fruits and vegetables. Oxytocin is also injected to cows and buffaloes in order to extract more and more milk. This has harmful side effects including life threatening ones. Those mostly affected are infants and children, and most of the times the diagnoses of these illnesses are not known. Again we do not have the exact percentage of the use of Oxytocin.

The use of pharmaceutical substances in food adulteration is also rampant. Use of harmful colors, ammonia and urea amongst a host of other chemicals is wide spread. This is more so in countries like India. The strange thing is that there are only unofficial estimates; the real extent of this racket is still unknown. There has to be a drive on a war footing by the Indian government, but so far one has not even heard of an intention to do so. This appears to be a low priority agenda.

One does no the exact number of the population affected by the criminal misuse of chemicals and other pharmaceutical substances in food adulteration. One also does not have an estimate of the number of deaths caused as a result of counterfeit drugs. There is also no research available on the various side effects and the mutations caused in the human body, which are then passed along to next generation.

The description of the present rulers is exactly what has been described in detail in the Puranas.They have no time for what has been described above, for them it is a minor thing. The most important agenda is to cling on to power and loot the national resources at any cost.

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  1. I am thrilled to see KALKI rising hope this happens when i am alive


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