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Mantra to turn invisible

The Rudrayamala Tantra [रुद्रयामल तंत्र], which is the ancient Hindu Scripture related to Tantra gives a variety of Mantra Sadhnas. This Scripture is dedicated to the fierce Avatar or manifestation of Shiva, which can be taken as the Bhairav Avatar or the Rudra Avatar. The mantra sadhnas given in this Tantra are Aghori [अघोरी], the meaning of which is commonly taken to be fierce.

However, the true meaning is that a practitioner of Aghora is one who makes no differentiation about good or evil, dead or living, or sins and Karma and so on. It means one whose senses are completely tuned to the Rudra or the Bhairava manifestation of Shiva, the Destroyer. The rest is immaterial to these persons. These persons don’t see the sense object like the normal person, they know no emotion like fear or dread.

It is said that in this period of Kaliyuga Aghor Sadhna is fruitful and easy to achieve, as the destructive forces in nature are dominant.

Secret Hindu Mantra to turn invisible
Mantra to turn invisible
This is an extremely secret mantra given to turn invisible. On the Chaturdashi [चतुर्दशी] or the 4th day of the Krushna Paksha [कृष्ण पक्ष], the second or dark fortnight of the Hindu Lunar month of Kartik [कार्तिक], this mantra has to recited in a Shamshan Bhoomi or Graveyard where the dead are cremated or buried. The mantras has to recited in a completely nude state 400,000 times. It is said that a Yakshini [याक्षिणि] will then appear and give you a Vastra [वस्त्र] or cloth. After this cloth is worn no one will see you, you will become invisible and be able to see all things.

Yakshinis are said to be feminine energies that are said to the custodians or guardians of a particular form of energy. Anyone trying to gain Siddhi or Mastery over any particular Sadhna has to appease the custodian energy of that Sadhna, only then is success gained.

The mantra and the practice of which I have given here is from The Rudrayamala Tantra, all the mantras which I have given before are extremely secret and from the original text. All these mantras have appeared on the Net for the first time.

Please note that I am not advocating the practice of these mantras nor do I practice them, they have been given for information purposes only. Please do not send me mails regarding this, as I will not be answering them.

Om hreem hreem shmashanvisini swaha ll
ॐ ह्रीं ह्रीं श्मशानबासिनी स्वाहा ll

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  1. plzzz

    मंत्र अदृश्य बारी करने के लिए kahe ki ise kyo hota he muz epadhke kuch samaj me nahi aaya plz sahi se aap muze hindi me kahe aapko aabhiri rahuna

  2. is these 400000 mantra need to be completed on same night? ?? which u mentioned above.... cos 400000 nos is not easy to complete in a night? ?? Or can we complete in 11 days

    please reply

    1. The text says 400,000 times continuously.

    2. Shiva to Parvati:-
      Playing with the vast forces can have devastating effects on your life.

      Do mention the above thing when you are posting about aghori tantra.

    3. is that mantra realy working?Om hreem hreem shmashanvisini swaha ll

    4. Lol @ your "Devastating effects" I think most, if not all who would devote themselves fervently to this particular mantra and the one who will grant a person this already has come to a point in their time where there is no life left, or in his own personal evolution understands too much about the needless strife, divisiveness, diminutive stares, ostracism on whatever level, and the next lonely, loveless, empty dollar to be made in this nonsensical, careless, callous, materialistic, greed driven dystopia. The sounds together are touching, very poignant to me, but hard to vocalize for a long period of time, even at less than a whisper, thus, I guess it must be done mentally in the soul, inspired by it. Thank you very much for sharing this mantra. You say "possible, but needs correct way", well, what if we cannot be naked sitting on a charnel ground, what if we sort of have a charnel ground where those we've known special to us have wandered but are not with us anymore, where we have suffered, does this become a charnel ground in some way, due to suffering in an area, that if we chant there and just stay naked we will be successful in this sadhana? What if we are inside a building during, will the Yakshini be able to reach us there when finished with our chants? There are no graveyards here where this kind of spiritual practice would be tolerated, so I'm thinking a graveyard of the soul so to speak, where lay many graves. Is it very strict about when this is done? There is a particular month, Kartik, which is supposedly November, what if this is done any other time? Will there be any leeway? Is there some kind of karmic rule that states one must not interfere with the dealings of humanity again once the vastra is worn? I would be real careful to never reveal myself or anything, in any way, to freak someone out if worn, probably would not be around humans anyways where I'd go, could freely roam the world, or find a good place for further endeavor. The only thing left I would forsake is this sweet stray cat I invited in heh, which is a shame, I'm sure someone will want it, freedom is nice. Can the vastra be removed once on? That's something I would never remove, if it is visible itself, could be stolen right? Heh..I myself would never steal from anyone with it on, would just need fruit or nuts and water, maybe milk if lucky. I know it's probably done naked because you will wear only the vastra itself, maybe the "female energy", pfft, but I'd like to think you're allowed to wear clothing special to you underneath, can you? Perhaps a small pack? Can you wear anything else while chanting? can let me know any of this at vhelsraekysombrel @ if not willing to post here, I really, truly want to know. I hope all my questions can be answered..! Thnks much;)

      Also what is the II at the end of the mantra, that makes it confusing as to what that really means. What is that? I, I...or two? How come none of you at all have asked this question? Reminded me of a math class, where I'm the only one seeing all the mistakes written on board, with everyone else just taking it all as a given, and very last class of a degree I will not sit and fathom, regardless of all the perfect A grades. Sick they make you think this way, college's scam agenda needs to be rebuilt, is specialization, not what we don't need. So all those years are gone, w/e. I'm sure someone will probably find and finish the damn degree when I'm gone and take it, and they're free to if I remain devoted to doing this mantra for a long time and meet the Yakshini somehow.

      Is too bad they put that II on the end of the mantra, Om hreem hreem shmashanvisini swaha ll - it makes it so you can't get the real entire thing, cuz II makes no sense. Like what? Iiiiiiiii or eeeeeeee, or I, I, or twoooo makes no sense...yet. Lol...someone let me know. Thanks.

      -The Ysombrel

    5. So I'm wrong, just because there are so many ppl who get needlessly technical and want to mar without getting to the point, it's ll, "LL", heh pretty symbolic for me right now, but what is it? el, el, la, la, or lllleeeh, ELLLLLL, or what? That's what makes the mantra cryptic, I'm sure whatever it is, looks like it can be left out, but could someone please explain? Perplexing why no one has asked.

    6. Its really quite simple, the symbol || in Sanskrit and other North Indian Script stands for a Fullstop and | stands for a Comma.

    7. 6 seconds a chant, that's 27 days 18 hr 40 mins for 400,000 chants. That's something what you'd go through in that period, how well the mantra would echo, you would probably find other things too. Could you be verbal with it and then recite it within and go back to verbal? Maybe it's all meant to be within, it would seem, considering how quiet it would be thereafter haha. Maybe half verbal half inner? Will have to study the effects. Continuous would mean no time to take some amount of food or water; I understand accomplishing a granted swaha 'siddhi' like this is so advanced and such an undertaking, one's body would have to be already conditioned to endure that length of time with no food or water, but surely one could take in some small amount at rare times? So long as you return to the chanting? It's all very obscure, rarely accomplished probably, and secret, will be a lot of unanswered questions it seems, :/ but if meant to be, maybe there will be answers, despite not ever being able to start a family, none left, mistreatment or nothing from anything female, these two things would be only regret, yet even any of these things I would renounce to attain this at this point, just something I would seek. Maybe it's not required, answers to these questions, and the ones above; just play it by ear, a leap of faith so to speak with something like this. The main issue is probably not being able to be at a physical charnel ground naked and being indoors. I'd imagine too, that there would be a few who have this, and not all are probably "on the level", heh, but who knows. ~)'-'(~

    8. Can connect more with this mantra than your other, though it wants you to only be by a tree, more effort in this one. You inevitably end up saying vishini instead of visini is that alright?

    9. Pronounce it as - Vasini
      Va as Vaa
      Si as in Silver
      Ni as in Nil

    10. Thank you so very much, Vhesini or Veisini doesn't seem like it, but the way you said, sounds right.

  3. kisine try kiya bhai log..? zara batado..

  4. ye plzz tell me how it posable

  5. also, at the end when pishachini comes then will be the final test where the person must not fear otherwise he or she will become forever mentall retarded? LOL

    1. This made me think, so thanks for that, but it's not true, anyone willing to chant 400k, which on mala is 107 * 3739 (73 left over) for this mantra devoted enough, I think no matter how fierce this "pishachini" could appear, the one chanting will be so very happy, relieved, to see her. I guess she takes a human looking form such as this.. How do you know it's "Pishachini" specifically? There are 36 Yakshini supposedly.

    2. Awakening of Kakini Shakti is most fruitful though for not to get scared.

    3. PLEASE DO THESE MANTRA CHANTS only for necessary things like diseases, marriage

      such cases etc. remaining all things will harm u, because, in shrimad

      bhagvadgita, lord said clearly, when u pray someone, worship them, u reach them

      after death. so let it be thousand problems, we should pray satvik gods, because

      they dont scare us after big chants.
      Moreover, its a big stupidity, to beg someone for powers or something. Take

      name of ur god or sadguru or parents and start chanting "OMMM" IN A PROLONGED

      TONE, SLOWLY, like meditation. just for 5 to 10 minutes a day, which releases

      70,000 bowels of energy. no other word in world is equal to that. u will see

      things happening the way u want, ur self confidence developed, peace of mind,

      and many things
      u wont agree now, but once u start it, slowly it gives u the inner truth of

      soul, making u aware of brahmatva with no effort, which means know the power

      house(SOUL) inside u, dont keep begging to one who knew this, u also know it. We

      all are princes of some kingdom, but not knowing about our inner power, we keep

      begging other kings. Only effort is to reach ur kingdom, means attaining peace,

      with meditation. u can achieve anything, slowly when u attain siddhi, u can do

      all that a god can, so please try this, its slow but sure shot, for attaining

      siddhi may be slow, but worldly desires will start fulfilling within a week, u

      will see this difference, pray the supreme powerhouse inside u, who never leaves

      u(AATMA), PLEASE DONT KEEP BEGGING TO DEMIGODS, who have already a long journey

      to cover for themselves, what will they help u. They can help, but not the way

      and dedication u can, to urself. THINK IT. U HAVE SUPREME POWER INSIDE U. dont

      beg the semi powers roaming outside. ITS A FACT EVEN U DONT AGREE NOW. THANK U.

    4. Hello, "Vhelsraek Ysombrel", can you please read this answer of Mr. Abhinav ji too, before you proceed. I think Mr. Abhinav ji is somehow telling logically and this has a point to think about.

      Please note: I have totally ZERO knowledge about tantra, mantra, yantra. And I also respect all the gods. And love this website very much as it contains a lot of information and thanks the author too, who made such great effort to make such a great mantra. But I was also reading the detailed replies of "Vhelsraek Ysombrel" and though if he/she have overlooked this reply of Mr. Abhinav, so I wrote this reply.

  6. Shiva to Parvati:-
    Playing with the vast forces can have devastating effects on your life.

    Do mention the above thing when you are posting about aghori tantra.

  7. I have a problem sir. How do you reverse this mantra ? It has been years now and I am not recognized by people ..I did not turn invisible as in people cannot see me . What happened was nothing interacts with me . Its like living a life without anything happening in your chapter of life.


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