Shri Ram Mantras

Shri.Ram is the seventh Avatar of Vishnu. Ram is the Maryada Purushottam or the perfect man in the eyes of God. Shri Ram is widely worshipped and prayed to by Hindus not only in India but all over the world.

The word “Ram”[ राम] itself is a Siddha Mantra. The meaning of the word Ram can be understood by what the individual letters stand for-

र – अग्नि or Agni – The basic symbol.
अ - अज्ञान or ignorance –The remover of.
म - मलिनता or dissatisfaction – The remover of.

Thus Ram means the remover of ignorance and dissatisfaction, which is eradicated by the divine light or fire. By continuously meditation on Ram and repeating his name, the impurities of the mind can be cleaned and the salvation of the soul commenced, which leads towards ultimate liberation.

The last words of Mahatma Gandhi after his assignation were “ Hey Ram “[हे राम ] or “ Ram, Ram “ [राम,राम ].Devote Hindus recite the name of Ram to seek salvation or liberation. Even as Ram killed the demon King Ravan,the last words of Ravan were “Ram “ and it is said that Ravan’s soul was liberated from the cycle of life and death.

These are some popular Mantras of Shri.Ram.

श्री राम मन्त्र
Shri Ram Mantra

1] ॐ राम ॐ राम ॐ राम ll
Om ram om ram om ram ll

2] ह्रीं राम ह्रीं राम ll
Hreem ram hreem ram ll

3] क्लीं राम क्लीं राम ll
Kleem ram kleem ram ll

4]फट् राम फट् ll
Fatt ram fatt ram ll

5]श्रीं राम श्री राम ll
Shri.Ram Shri.Ram ll or Shreem Ram Shreem Ram ll

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