Mahalaxmi Stuti - English - Hindi

This is a beautiful verse in praise of the Mother Goddess of Abundance Mahalaxmi from the Savitri Upanishad, the ancient Hindu religious Scripture which is part of the Sama Veda. These scriptures have a deep Spiritual significance and most Stotras and Chalisas owe their origins to these ancient scripture.

She whose hands are of Sanjeevini and there is nectar in her hands, she who is pranaya swaroopa,her glow is like that of the Sun, she is the origin of all the Vedas, she has unimaginable strength, I bow to that Goddess.

Mahalaxmi Stuti
English Translation
Amrutkaratlagri sarva sanjeevnadaya l
Vadh-haran sudakshi vedsare mayurve l
Pranayamaay vikari bhaskarakardehi l
Satatmanubhaveshn tau balatibalantau l

महालक्ष्मी स्तुती
अमृतकरतलाग्री सर्व संजीवनादया l
वधहरण सुदक्षी वेदसारे मयूरवे l
प्रवणमय विकारी भास्कराकारदेही l
सततमनुभवेSहं तौ बलातिबलान्तौ l

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  1. The Mother Goddess of Abundance-I like that. I'll bow down to her anyday.


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