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Sant Namdev Aarti - English - Marathi

Sant Namdev is one of the most popular and worshipped saint in Maharashtra. Namdev is believed to have been born on 29 October 1230 and left for his heavenly abode at the age of 80 in 1350.

Sant Namdev was one of the earliest preachers of the oneness of everything movement. This Bhakti movement started by Namdev is in fact Non-Duality.Sant Namdev wrote over 2500 Abhangs or religious compositions.

Namdev was a devotee of Vitthal or Pandurang as Vishnu is popularly called in Maharashtra. Namdev saw Pandurang in everything.Namdev was a truly enlightened saint who had achieved NON DUALISM-THE ONLY REAL STATE.

Sant Namdev is also popular in the Sikh religion, the Sikhs call him by the name Bhagat Nam Dev, 61 of his compositions are included in the Sikh Holy Scripture the Guru Granth Sahib.

This is an Aarti recited in praise of Sant Namdev in the Marathi language.

Sant Namdev Aarti
English Translation
Janmata pandurange l Jeevhavari lihile l Shatkoti abangh l praman kavitva rachile ll 1 ll
Jay jayaji bhaktraaya l Jeevlag naamya l Aarti ovalita l Chitt paalte kaaya ll Dhru.ll
Ghyavayaa bhaktisukh l Pandurange avatar l dharuniya tirthmishe l Kela jagacha uddhar ll Jay.ll 2 ll
Pratayaksh prachiti he l Valvant paris kela l Haarpali vishmata Daitbuddhi nirasli ll Jay.ll 3 ll
Samadhi mahadwari shrivitthalcharni l Aarti ovalito l Parisa kar joduni l Jay Jayaji.ll 4 ll

संत नामदेव आरती
जन्मता पांडुरंगे l जिव्हेवरी लिहिले l शतकोटी अभंग l प्रमाण कवित्व रचिले ll १ ll
जय जयाजी भक्तरायां l जिवलग नामया l आरती ओवाळिता l चित्त पालटे काया ll धृ.ll
घ्यावया भक्तिसुख l पांडुरंगे अवतार l धरुनियां तीर्थमिषें l केला जगाचा उद्धार ll जय.ll २ ll
प्रत्यक्ष प्रचीती हे l वाळवंट परिस केला l हारपली विषमता l द्दैतबुद्धी निरसली ll जय.ll ३ ll
समाधि माहाद्वारी श्रीविठ्ठलचरणी l आरती ओवाळितो l परिसा कर जोडूनी l जय जयाजी ll ४ ll

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