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Muktabai or Muktai is one of the great saint of Maharashtra. Muktai was the younger sister of the great saint Sant Dnyaneshwar. Nivruttinath was the eldest brother followed by Dnyaneshwar, Sopandev and Muktabai.

At a very young age of about 10 years the eldest brother Nivruttinath received initiation into the Nath-Sampradaya of the Navnath’s or ‘the nine masters’ by Gahininath,who was 5th in the linage of the Nine Masters. Nivruttinath was the guru of his younger brothers and sister Muktabai.

Numerous Abhangs or religious compositions in the poetic form are attributed towards Muktabai.Muktabai is lovingly called Muktai,which means elder sister Mukta. She is extremely popular in the Varkari Sampradaya or a movement of the common pilgrims. The Varkaris see in Muktabai the omnipresent Universal Mother in all her glory and forms. Numerous miracles are also attributed to Muktabai.

This is an Aarti in the Marathi language recited in praise of Muktabai.

Muktabai Aarti
English Translation
Om jay-jay jagdambe,jay muktai ambe l
Nij-jankalpalate tu,karunamayi ambe ll Dhru.ll
Ganga tu,go,gayatri,gita,vasundhara l
Maha-Saraswati,laxmi,kaali,maate shakti-para ll 1 ll
Nijshakti tu,adishakti,adimaya l
Brahmaswaroopini mate,tu shuddha turiya ll 2 ll
Sarvarth sadhike tu,srimante,kalyani l
Mangalroopini nijdasa,tu Dyanesh-Bhagini ll 3 ll

आरती मुक्ताईची
ॐ जय-जय जगदम्बे,जय मुक्ताई अम्बे l
निजजनकल्पलते तूं,करूणामयी अंबे ll धृ.ll
गंगा तू,गो,गायत्री,गीता,वसुंधरा l
महा-सरस्वती,लक्ष्मी,काली,माते शक्ति-परा ll १ ll
निजशक्ति तू,आदिशक्ति,आदिमाया l
ब्रह्मस्वरूपिणी माते,तू शूद्धा तुरीया ll २ ll
सर्वार्थ साधिके,तू श्रीमंते,कल्याणि l
मंगलरुपिणि निजदासा,तू ज्ञानेश-भगिनी ll ३ ll

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  1. This aarati is written by Dasmukta Baburao Muhunkar, who devoted this entire life for Muktai. He has written almost 35-40 books on religious philosophy about "Shivnabhi Muktai"


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