Vitthal Aarti - English - Marathi

Vitthal or Vithoba also called Panduranga is the name by which Vishnu is popularly called in most parts of Maharashtra. Vithoba literally translated into English means, the one standing on a brick.

Legend has it that there was a great devotee of Vishnu called Pundalik.Pleased with his devotion Vishnu decided to give him Darshan. At the time Vishnu came to give darshan to Pundalik,Pundalik was looking after the needs of his elderly parents. In spite of knowing that the lord had come to give him darshan, Pundalik asked him to wait and threw him a brick to stand on. Pleased with Pundaliks devotion towards his parents, and impressed that for Pundalik his parents came before God, Vishnu remained standing in the same position on the brick forever. This is how the idol of Vithoba is popularly made and worshipped, of him standing on a brick.

The most famous temple of Vithoba is located in Pandharpur town in Maharashtra. This temple is one of the most visited and popular places of pilgrimage in Maharashtra. The Pandharpur Yatra by the Varkaris, is an annual event. When hundreds of thousands of common people, walk hundreds of miles to gather in Pandharpur on the 11th day [ Ashaadi Ekadashi ]of the Hindu Lunar month of Ashaad.

This is an Aarti in the Marathi Language with the English translation commonly recited in praise of Vithoba.

Shri.Vitthal Aarti
English Translation
Aarti anantbhuja l Vitho pandhariraja ll
Na chalti upchar l Maane sarili pooja ll Dhru.ll
Pares paar nahi l Na pade nigma thaaye ll
Bhul-la bhaktibhave l laho ghetla dehi ll 1 ll
Anivarchya sudh-budh l Ubha rahila neet ll
Rama janardani l paayi jodli veet ll
Aarti anantbhuja l Vitho pandhariraja ll

श्री विठ्ठलाची आरती
आरती अनंतभुजा l विठो पंढरीराजा ll
न चलती उपचार l मनें सारिली पूजा ll धृ.ll
परेस पार नाहीं l न पडे निगमां ठायीं ll
भुलला भक्तिभावें l लाहो घेतला देहीं ll १ ll
अनिर्वाच्य शुद्धबुद्ध l उभा राहिला नीट ll
रामा जनार्दनीं l पायीं जोडली वीट ll २ ll
आरती अनंतभुजा l विठो पंढरीराजा ll

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