The only secret of enlightenment

The innermost depths of the thinking process just before the zero point is where the innermost or the sub-conscious mind resides. This area is what can be termed as the root of the mind. This root can be compared to the root of a tree, just like how the root of a tree has to have a source of water, soil and oxygen for the tree to grow, the same way the root of the mind has to be strong and healthy.

The innermost mind is like an abyss, hidden, fathomless and mysterious, yet it is more important than the working mind. Please keep in mind that it is not the conscious mind that activates and controls us but the sub-conscious mind. All our senses and bodily organs are in fact an extension of this sub-conscious mind. The innermost mind does not recognize the barriers of time and space.

At the deepest point of the sub conscious mind, is the real you or the ego. This point is just before what is called the Samadhi or total silence, when the deepest point is reached, the journey from there to the state of Samadhi can be compared to the ‘big bang’.

It is this root from which the ‘you’ or ‘ego’ arises, and grows like the trunk and branches of the tree. The Universe which we see and experience every moment of our lives, is nothing but what the ego observes. Each individual has his own Universe, which is different from the other person’s Universe. We exist in our own Universe, not in the Universe of some other person, for that other person is also a part of our own Universe. The other persons exist because we observe and see him, just like everything else that we see and observe.

When one realizes this basic principle which religion, philosophy and the religious texts and scriptures do not tell you, then only does the real growth of the Universe inside and outside you take place. This is the one and only secret path to what is called Enlightenment or Nirvana or Realization.

Enlightenment Secret 3D Sai Baba
Enlightenment Secret

When one realizes this one will also realize that God, Gurus and the Saints are also a creation of your own mind, the religious texts, the secret doctrines also exist because you observe them. So also are all the methods of Yoga, Meditation and whatever else, which you think leads to realization and enlightenment. Realization and Enlightenment are also how you imagine and visualize them to be like; they are also a part of your ego.

This state is described as the state of oneness or Non-Duality, where nothing exists in isolation and everything you perceive is ‘you’. You realize that you are also God. The family, the friends and even the enemies which you thought, you could not exist without are also you. This is what is called as the ‘God state’. It is only in this state of existence that you realize that’ you live inside God, and God lives inside you, you are God’.

When you reach this state, you will realize that, what you thought was ‘you’ is only a projection of the senses and what is stored in your memory. Sins, good deeds and Karma are also a projection of the senses and what is stored in your memory bank. You will realize that the real ‘you’ is none of these, it is very different.

You will also understand that you can alter and change the exterior ‘you’. You will realize that from the root state of the innermost mind, any and everything is possible. Circumstances, which you thought were unchangeable, can also be changed and altered.

The only way to reach this root state of the innermost mind is through the relaxation of the mind. There are various methods of meditation and yoga, which promise to take you there. But these methods are only aids to the relaxation of the mind and nothing else. The mind can be relaxed in whatever way you feel most comfortable in, it depends only on you and what you feel most comfortable with.

It is through introspection of the self that you will realize, what really makes your mind relaxed. It is only when your mind is relaxed and at ease with itself, that it starts giving you the right directions to your journey to the depths of your innermost mind.

This is the only secret method to reaching that elusive state of enlightenment, nirvana or realization. There is no other way.

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  1. Truly stated the facts and way to achieve it.

  2. Dear Neel Sir,

    I really appreciate your explanation on secret of enlightenment and meditation a state of mind. I want to thank you for this.

    kind regards

  3. Dear Neel Sir,

    this is extraordinary info and I really am very grateful to you. A further question, can you kindly explain the difference between the root of mind state and the Samadhi. Why do saints go into Samadhi instead of root of mind.

    kind regards

    1. There is a thin line which separates the two; the only way to experience it is going into this state. When you start nearing this sate all questions and doubts start disappearing.

  4. have you realized state of samadhi/God/moksh.
    Or only given your view after reading various literature.


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