True Mind Growth

Much is talked about mental growth and the numerous methods of expanding the mind. Techniques and methods are advocated to enhance mental growth, all no doubt taught with the noble ideals of helping one’s fellow human beings advance, evolve and grow. But very few preachers of mental growth really understand what they are preaching. And like wise very, few of their students know what they are practicing.

The Existence, are the same for all humans, be them the Saints, the ones whom everyone tells you were the realized, or the founders of religions or those whom you have heard were the sons, brothers, friends and children of God. The only difference between the common man and those described above is that the minds of those guys expanded, by expanded I mean that these guys, not satisfied with being the common man, wanted more, and tried to achieve that goal, and reached somewhere in between. I don’t know of anyone reaching the final destination, there of course might be some people, who achieved that goal and chose to remain unknown.

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True Mind Growth

Some common terms one hears everyday are the Sub-Conscious Mind, the Over Mind, the Super Conscious Mind, the Universal Mind or even the Unknown Mind. These terms are nothing but a state of the mind. They were discovered by some guys whose minds reached those states. These states of the mind overlap each other, as the mind starts expanding one reaches these higher states, when the mind starts contracting one comes back to those lower mental states, from where one started. The Laws of expansion and contraction apply to everything in this Universe including the human mind.

Now look at yourself as the one who is thinking, it is you and not the other guys who so ever they may be who are thinking. It is you who think so it is you who are the centre of the Universe. Likewise, it is you who see, hear, feel, taste, and experience the Universe and not the other guys. What I really mean to tell you is that it you and only you who is the centre of the Universe, because it is you who are the experiencer. The other objects including the Sun, the Stars and even your friends and the Saints and God are what you are experiencing.

It is only when you believe from the bottom of your heart that it is only you and not something else, which is the center of the Universe that the real expansion of your mind commences. What I would advise you is not to think with limitations and mental boundaries. The nature of your mind is infinite, simply because you can think about infinity. The rest of the mental states, which you hear about like the Sub-Conscious Mind, the Over Mind, the Super Conscious Mind, the Universal Mind, are limitations.

Limitations will not help you expand completely, it is only when you think, visualize and believe that you are the infinite that you will become the infinite, which is your true state and nature, nothing else matters. When you learn to live in this state of mind that you will notice your mind expanding. You will no longer be concerned with the mundane things in life. You will witness a noticeable change in your attitude of looking at life, God and the Universe. This means that you have expanded and reached a higher state of mind, than which you existed in previously.

When you notice this change in your attitude, you will have triggered off a chain reaction in the natural process of expansion and growth. This natural expansion process, which was stopped unnaturally, due to your environment, will start once again. Please think of yourself as “I live inside the thing, the thing lives inside me, so I am the thing”

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