Who got the commonwealth loot ?

Just hours, after I wrote the post- commonwealth-games-2010-looters, we have still more bad news the foot over bridge collapsing near the Games main venue The Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium and injuring 27 workers. Again yesterday, we have news about a false ceiling collapse at the same venue.

Its seems the looters are in a bind, nothing seems to be going right for them. I can imagine them now gathering in groups and praying to KUBER [ The God of Wealth],to save their skins, after all they are his greatest devotees. They were doing this only for their unflinching love and devotion towards Kuber [rivals Mirabai’s love for Krishna].

The commonwealth games’ looting has come into the limelight for the simple reason that it is an International event. A lot of other nations will be participating and watching, hence this loot cannot be brushed away under the carpet. This is unlike the fate of Billion’s of Rupees, allocated towards what is called infrastructure and public amenities. What finally reaches the Indian public are the scraps.

To boost spending on infrastructure and public works and fill the government coffers, recently subsidies have been removed, thus paving the way for all round price rise. The money thus collected from the public, already desperate to make two ends meet, is ultimately looted in the name of public works, Games, infrastructure and so on. Direct looting of the public is now gathering momentum.

Now the Indian Prime Minister has taken over and made the Cabinet Secretary KM Chandrasekhar, the person in charge of all ongoing works, which are still going on at this 11th hour. As I have said earlier to blame the organizing committee chairman Suresh Kalmadi, is being short sighted, Suresh is a minor politician, the buck does not stop at him. Does the buck stop at the Indian Prime Minister Dr.Manmohan Singh?

I have nothing against the Indian Prime Minister Dr.Manmohan Singh. I think that he is basically a nice person. I am not one of those who snigger at him and call him names like Shikandi, enslaved economist, family retainer, slave and so on. I wish from the bottom of my heart that he cleaned up the commonwealth hole, which the looters have dug for the country.

I am also hopeful that he tells the country who the names of the final beneficiaries of the commonwealth and all the other loot which is happening in the country, who the real masterminds are. We do not want to be told that Kalmadi and other minor henchmen are masterminding everything.

The Indian media has also its share to responsibility. These are some of the answers, which the Media needs to tell the India public.
Where does the lion share of the loot finally go?
Who gets the lion’s share of the loot?
Where is the loot stashed away?
If in Swiss Banks and other tax havens, how does it reach there?
And finally, what must be done to get the loot back.

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