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Astral Travel -Technique

Astral Travel or an experience, for which one does not require the body, is spoken and taught by most religions and some new age sects. Numerous first hand experiences about Astral Travel are available. The skeptics often dismiss these experiences giving some scientific jargon; the atheists with a fixed mind set to disbelieve everything give some other explanation. My research and firsthand experience tells and convinces me that Astral Travel or Projection is 100% true and it is always there for everyone to experience.

Astral Travel does not require one to be a Yogi or a Guru to practice. What is required is firm belief and conviction that one can achieve it. Without firm belief and conviction, it is impossible to achieve any paranormal experience including Astral Travel. True certain mental conditions like surgical operations, administration of some drugs are responsible for Astral Projection or what is commonly referred to as near death experiences. Such cases I must add are the involuntary cases of Astral Travel.

Firstly, in order to successfully practice Astral Travel one must understand what it really is. The principles behind Astral Travel are the same as those, which are experienced in the non-dual state. The entire Universe is one single unit; nothing exists in isolation or separation. What one visualizes as separation is nothing but an illusion. In the non-dual state, one experience that one is present in everything and everything is present in one. In fact, Astral Travel is part of the non-dual state, wherein one experiences that one does not require the body to move around on the mental plane.


Astral Travel 3D Image
Astral Travel
The technique behind Astral Travel or Projection is really simple. As I have mentioned earlier, the main requisites are conviction and self-belief that one can achieve it, if you do not have these qualities then forget about it, you will not get anywhere.

First and foremost, remember to center on your mind, by your mind in mean you, the one who thinks. Remember it is your mind which is the window through which you see all that is around you [the entire Universe].Other than you the rest does not matter, the rest is what you are experiencing. It is only you and nothing else that is the experience the rest is the experienced.

The best time to experience, Astral Travel according to me is at night, when you are in bed. This is the only time when there are no tensions or deadlines in your mind, about what you have to do in the next few hours. When you want to practice Astral Travel at night, it is always advisable to have your dinner about two hours prior to the actual practice.

Now to the actual practice, it is advisable to lie down comfortably on your back, though it not compulsory, the position should be such in which feel most comfortable. There is no need for any specific technique or symbols like the silver cord or any other cord, or the need to concentrate on anything. Remember symbols are only symbols, nothing else.

Next feel that you are leaving your body, by you I mean the you, which resides inside the body. Remember what I have said earlier, it you and only you that matters, you are the window through which you see all that which is around you, nothing else matters. Now feel and experience that you are slowly leaving your physical body. This should be done with a completely relaxed mind. It is really very simple, and no complicated techniques are required, you have to believe this, you might get this right on the first attempt or after a few days.

Now when you feel and think you are leaving body. You are likely to experience a sensation in your body, most likely a vibrating sensation at the back of the neck, or the spine or even some other area, this indicates that the actual process of you leaving the body has commenced.

Once the process commences, you will notice that you are part of something more than your body. You will notice that the body is not holding you back; it is only you who is directing your movements and not the physical body. The actual process of you leaving the body, once started will be completed; all you have to do is nothing but just watch and experience the process like an observer.

Once you leave the physical body, what you experience is entirely your own experience. There are no set rules as to what your experience should be like. When you leave the physical body, you will also know when to come back to the physical body.

This is the only real and simple technique of Astral Travel or Projection. I request anyone practicing this simple technique, to please inform me of their experiences. The key to success in Astral Travel is in simplicity, and not complications.

Neel N is the founder of He tells you in English and Hindi about Spells, Vashikaran, Yakshinis and all Hindu and Islamic Mantras and Yantras. The Prophecies, Revolutions of India and the coming World Wars of the Bible, Kalki Avatar and Nostradamus. The Mantra and Remedies for Healthy Living and Exploring the Unknown Universe.


  1. Amazing post. I have tried the techniques in some new age books but could never do it as explained. I have experienced lucid dreaming though, and as soon as i realised I was dreaming, I controlled the dream. I changed the weather, scenery, i flew over the ocean and saw trees and garden loaded with jewels. It was so real that i could feel everything just like in real world. i don't know if it is the same as astral travel but the experience was amazing! Then, I read in some book about negative entities attacking you during astral travel and I got scared. Since then, I could not do it because of the underlying fear in the back of my mind. But I do want to experience it again.

  2. Sir, I want to share one of my experience. At night before sleeping I had meditated for a while and gone to sleep. I woke up at 4 and slept again. After that in dream I realised that it's a dream and I can control anything in it. I was in a lucid dreaming state. It was so real like the real world. I didn't prepared it. It just happened. Can it be a step to astral travel or is it astral travel?

    1. Most Likely, see if the same state repeats, if it is astral travel, then you will certainly come to know yourself.

  3. Dear Mr Neel Gurudev please share if there is some paranormal experiment or prayog to travel through time and space to the past or to the future. I would be immensely grateful as I was badly wounded back in march past year and would like to come back to my body as it was before that, or find a complete physical remedy as soon as possible. Krutadnyata

  4. Dear Mr Neel Gurudev please help me. I am badly wounded physically since march5th 2022. The physical effects of the badly done surgery which was performed upon me amputating my limb along with all their nervous structures are seemingly irreversible. I need to be able to come back in time or otherwise find a complete solution as soon as possible. Please please share some prayog or paranormal experiment to travel in time and space back to the past to my own body as it was or something that can help my miserable condition dear Gurudev. Namaskar


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