Powerful Mantra for Fever

This is a very powerful Navnath Shaabri Mantra to remove all types of fever. This mantra is dedicated to Guru Gorakhnath, who was the second of the Navnath’s. The Navanath’s or the nine master or saints composed mantras in the commonly spoken script of those days for the masses.

Guru Gorakhnath is believed to be one of the most important figures in ancient Hindu schools of religion. Many Yogic principles as well as the origin numerous mantras and prayers are traced back to Guru Gorakhnath.

The mantra I have given below is a very powerful mantra to remove all kinds of fever. This mantra has to be recited only 3 times, and you should move your hand lightly over the body of the person suffering from fever. In case it is you who are suffering from fever you can help yourself.

I have tried to translate as best as I could.

Gorakhnath 3D Image

Mantra to remove Fever
English Translation
Om namo adesh guruji ko adesh l
shugrivaya l suryaputraya l navgrahaya l
ekahik jwar, dudhahik jwar, chahinkjwar, kaamjwar, bhutjwar, pretjwar, vellajwar, ratrijwar, vadevade swaha l
jwar na utre to Sai Gorakhnath ki dwahi l
guruki shakti meri bhakti l chale mantra ishwarivaccha l
pind kaccha l guru Gorahknath ka shabd saccha l

ज्वर उतारनेवाला मंत्र
ॐ नमो आदेश l गुरूजी को आदेश l
शुग्रीवाय l सूर्यपूत्राय l नवग्रहाय l
एकाहिक ज्वर, दूघाहिक ज्वर, चाहिंक ज्वर, कामज्वर, भुतज्वर, प्रेतज्वर, वेळाज्वर रात्रीज्वर वदेवदे स्वाह: l
ज्वर न उतरे तो साईं गोरखनाथ की द्वाही l
गुरुकी शक्ति, मेरी भक्ति l चले मंत्र ईश्वरी वाचा l
पिण्ड कच्चा l गुरु गोरखनाथ का शब्द सच्चा l

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  1. Guru Ji,

    is it "Pind Kaancha | Guru Gorahknath ka shabd Saancha"

    or Just

    "Pind Kaccha | Guru Gorahknath ka shabd Saccha"

    Please reply..

    1. Both the words in the mantra pronounced with a nasal tone.

  2. sir can u help me with nerve compression in my lower back suffering from more than two years recovery is slow and the pain and weakness keeps coming i am having the best medical treatment

  3. Guru ji me ek student nhu science ka lekin me tantra mantra sadhana karna chahatanhu plz mujhe madat kijiye guru ji

    my Gmail account name is ...somanathhota0088@gmail.com

  4. So a sick person , can actually participate in mantra healing ? Even though the physical body is not well? How is this possible. Enlighten me please Guru

  5. Dear Neel Sir, Namaste.
    I am little confused to chant this mantra (as in English the word dodhahik will sound as "ध" But according to hindi translation it's "घ" ) jwar written in hindi translation " दूघाहिक ज्वर"....another word is in English is "swaha" (Here it's full like स्वाहा) but in hindi it's स्वाह: (not full) ....
    Kindly give the direction that which one translation I should choose and if it's hindi that how should I pronounce "swaha" Otherwise "स्वाह:"....and also please let me know that should l pronounce एकाहिक, दूघाहिक with nasal tone as चाहिंक....
    Plz do reply me as I already remembered this mantra but just to correct use I asked few questions....I really need your answer as one of my relative is suffering continuously even after having proper medication...hence, I wanted to try spiritual way also....

    Waiting for your reply.
    Thanks a lot.


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