Hindu Mantras for pain relief -3

These are some more Shaabri mantras for common ailments. These mantras are easy to practice and recite. These mantras are again in the olden Marathi script, which is not spoken anymore. I have tried to translate as best as I could.

This mantra has to be recited 11 times and ash has to be applied to the forehead, headache will come down.
Hey Gak dakaya ghe keed mere magaj,guruki sapat skur mantra ishwari vacha ll
हे गक डाक्या घे कीड मेरे मगज, गुरुकी सपत स्कुर मंत्र ईश्वरी वाचा ll

This mantra has to be recited and three leaves of the betel Indian pepper plant[Paan]along with one clove each have to be given to eat to the person suffering from fever after abhimintriting or binding it with this mantra, it is said that doing so will relieve the fever. This mantra is recited like a question.
Kaale kukde mulchi dhaav heev yete tyache nav kaay ?
काळे कुकडे मुळची धाव हीव येते त्याचे नाव काय ?

This mantra has to recited taking the name of the person suffering from sprain 11 times, it is said that the sprain subsides.This mantra is recited like a question.
Kaali gay dongravar charat charat jaay,usan bharli tyache nav kaay?
काळी गाय डोंगरावर चरत चरत जाय,उसण भरली त्याचे नाव काय ?

This mantra has to be recited 11 times taking ash in your hands, it is said that migraine subsides by doing this.
Kaali doori kirkiri doori chiri hasal ll
Hanumantache nav gheta ardhashishi naste ll
काळी दोरी किरकिरी दोरी चिरी हसळ ll
हनुमंताचे नाव घेता अर्धशिशी नासते ll

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  1. ash of what in headace

    abt fever mantra how many times and after question do we have to take patients name ??and in case of kids please mention

    nazar kavach mantra /yantra needed please add.

  2. please post more for winning court case of all types


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