Powerful Mantra to overcome fear

This is a very powerful Navanath Shaabri Mantra to get rid of fear and to live a happy and contented family life.

This mantra has to recited only once after dinner and while going to sleep. This is a simple procedure which is easy to practice and can be practiced by anyone.

Mantra to get rid of fear
Om namo adesh l guruji ko adesh l guruki kriya bhandari l dhananjay l guru gorakhnath utari l baba hamde l gaay guruke pari sukhe l nadiko chalve teer l gaay gorakh ki l bakhri machindra ki l bhayse raja baarsski l dudh na utre to dwahi veer hanumanth ki l dwahi sai gorakhnath ki l guruki shakti meri bhakti l kare mantra ishwari vacha guru gorakhnath ka mantra saccha l

भय मुक्ति मंत्र
ॐ नमो आदेश l गुरूजी को आदेश l गुरुकी क्रिया भंडारी l धनंजय l गुरु गोरक्षनाथ उतारी l बाबा हमदे l गाय गुरुके परि सुखे l नदीको चलवे तीर l गाय गोरख की l बखरी मच्छिंद्र कि l भयसे राजा बारसक्की l दूध ना उतरे तो द्वाही वीर हनुमान कि l द्वाही साई गोरखनाथ की l गुरुकी शक्ती मेरी भक्ती l करे मंत्र ईश्वरी वाचा गुरु गोरखनाथ का मंत्र सच्चा l

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  1. Sir, there seems to be a lot of dissimilarity between Hindi and English version ie . in Hindi version second line, ' guru Gorakshnath utari' , whereas, in English version , the word 'guru' is absent and instead of Gorakshnath, the word Gorakhnath is there. I suppose it should have been ' guru Gorakhnath utari' in Hindi. Sir , only you can clarify the doubt.

    1. The word guru had been missing from the translation, it has been replaced.


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