Clove Mohini Mantra

This is a Hindu Shaabri Mohini Mantra or the Mantra of attraction in which the use of Cloves is made. To attain Siddhi this mantra has to recited 21 times for a period of 21 days. This experiment or Sadhana should be started on a Sunday, and the Sadhana should commence by lighting a Diya [small earthen or metal lamp in which oil or Ghee[clarified butter] is poured and a cotton wick is used to light the lamp].

After attaining Siddhi whenever you desire to use this mantra, 4 Cloves should be abhimintrit [Bound by keeping the cloves in your hand and reciting this mantra]7 times by this mantra, and should be given to eat to which ever person you wish to attract. The person who eats the Cloves will be attracted to you.This mantra is in the old Marathi script.I have tried to translate as best as I could.

लौंग मोहिनी मंत्र इन हिंदी एंड इंग्लिश
Laung Mohini Mantra in Hindi and English

Lavang Mohini Mantra
Om namo adesh guruka laung laung tu mera bhai thumari shakti chalie pahli laung rati bani,duja laung jeevan mani, teeji laung angme rakhe, chauthi laung dui kar jode, chari laung jo meri khay amuk jhat mere paas aay, adesh devi kamru kamakhya ki duhai firee ll

लवंग मोहिनी मंत्र
ॐ नमो आदेश गुरुका लौंग लौंग तू मेरा भाई तुम्हारी शक्ति चलाई पहली लौंग राती बानी, दूजा लौंग जीवन मानी, तीजी लौंग अंगमे राखे, चौथी लौंग दुई कर जोड़े, चारी लौंग जो मेरी खाय अमुक झट मेरे पास आय, आदेश देवी कामरू कामाख्या की दुहायी फिरे ll

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  1. janaab laung dene ke din kaha rahe ab...chewn gum ki or baat hai!. anyhow thank you.. great work sir.

  2. namaste guru g. pees ke bhi khilasakte aur admi par bhi kar sakte hai ye prayog. ?

  3. namaste guru g. laung pees kar dee sakte hai aur aadmi par bhi sakte hai?

  4. namste guru g pees kar bhi dee sakte hai aur purush ko bhi deh sakte


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