Kajal Tilak Mohini Mantra - 2

This is one of the easiest to practice Mohini Tilak Tantras; the Tantra infused a Kajal [kohl/eye-liner] like substance to be used as the Tilak along with a Mohini Beej Mantra. This attraction experiment can be practiced by any man or woman to put a Magical Enchantment Spell over any person who they come across and that person will come under their Enchantment Spell as long as they have the Mohini Tilak on their forehead.

The Mohini Tantra does not mention any kind of Siddhi Sadhana in order to Master the Mantra. The procedure is explained below in this post.

The Mohini Tantra can be practiced on any day, the practitioner has to light a Diya of Pure Cow Ghee [Pure Clarified Butter of a Cow] and hold a clean utensil or metal plate over the flame. This is to let the soot accumulate on the plate. After, a little bit of soot has accumulated on the plate, the practitioner has to collect it and apply it on his forehead like a Tilak. Then he has to chant the Mohini Mantra give below once.  This completes the Mohini Kajal Tilak attraction experiment.

काजल तिलक मोहिनी मंत्र प्रयोग इन हिंदी एंड इंग्लिश 
Kajal Tilak  Mohini Mantra Experiment in Hindi and English

A Mohini Spell using Eve-Liner for Enchantment
Kajal Tilak Mohini Mantra - 2

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  1. Guruji, "HREEM" how many times we should recited?

  2. Dear Neel Sir,
    You said the tilak is used along with a Mohini Beej Mantra - does the Mohini here refer to Devi Mohini? Waiting for your reply, many thanks again Sir.

  3. After lighting the lamp whether we have to place this eye liner in the utensil or metal plate

    1. As explained in the article, the Kajal has to be accumulated on a metal utensil or plate and use it as described above.

  4. Guruji ..how many times should the mantra be chanted ?
    Reply please guruji


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