Lighting a Nandadeep to Resolve Problems

It has been mentioned in the Indian religious scriptures that whenever there is a difficult environment, distress, discord or a unpleasant atmosphere in the house, the lighting of a Nandadeep, slowly but steadily removes the distress. This distress can be of any and every kind, including fights, enemies, paranormal entities or sickness in the family.

The Nandadeep is the Oil lamp, which most Indians light in the mornings and at dusk time in the Puja Place in their homes. The festival of Diwali and Diyas go hand in hand, Diwali is incomplete without the Diya.  Nandadeep has also been described as the eternal fire or perpetually burning lamp, Sai Baba of Shirdi, is one of the great Indian Masters, who is said to have mediated in front of a Nandadeep.

Coming back to this remedy to resolve distress in the home, a Diya of Til Ka Tel [Sesame Oil] has to be kept burning in the house for 24 hours.  This wick of this Diya has to face towards the Eastern or Northern Direction. If by chance the flame of the Diya goes out, due to wind or any other problem, then one should not panic and take it to heart, but simply light the wick once again.

More information about the Nandadeep
It is the belief that the wick of the Nandadeep should never face the Southern or Western Direction as it is considered inauspicious for the house. However, lighting Diyas, facing all the four directions is considered as most auspicious as it is said to remove all kinds of Vastu Dosha from the house and make the atmosphere in the house happy and peaceful.

It should be kept in mind that electric or battery operated Diyas can never replace the traditional Indian Oil Nandadeep.

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