Mantra Gaining Power to Bestow Boons

Most people, cutting across cultures and religious boundaries might have heard about how sages, seers and adepts granted boons and fulfilled the wishes of others. Hindu texts are replete with example of Sadhus and Gurus who gave Ashirwad [Blessings] to people and how the innermost wishes and dreams of these people fulfilled. Given below is a specific Mantra Experiment, which is said to enable the practitioner, to fulfill the wishes of people simply by blessing them.

However, it must be born in mind that the practitioner should be someone who is an advanced spiritualist and someone who is selfless and desires nothing in return from those whom he blesses.

The simple three letters Beej Mantra, which I have given here is said to open the hidden inherent dormant powers in the chanter and make whatever he speaks turn true.

The Mantra Experiment has to practiced for one year and the practitioner has to chant the Mantra 10,000 time daily. The only exception is for women, who are practicing the Mantra Experiment to take a break during their Monthly Cycle.

There is no worship or rituals of any kind prescribed for this Experiment. Any kind of counting Rosary can be used to keep track of the number of Mantra Chants. The task of chanting the Mantra 10,000 times daily is difficult, but it must be remembered if supernatural powers have to be harnessed, then there is no substitute for effort.

A Hindu Mantra for gaining the power to grant boon
Mantra for Power to Bestow Boons

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  1. Hi Sir, Thanks for your continious effort to benefit mankind.Dear Sir, is there any kind of sadhana which involve mantra or tantra to hear divine music ( such as divine musical orchestra or song) and to see or witness divine dance or any kind of divine art,taste,sensation?.For a long time , my soul itching to experince such a wonder.Hope sir able to share such knowledge to ease my strugling mind, if there any is.Normal songs do entertain my sense but it seems never satisfy my mind and soul.It will be so much helpful , if there any kind of such sadhana,and Thank you sir, for your great articles.

  2. Sir, is this mantra to make it so the person chanting is able to grant wished for others or for the chanter also

  3. I am interested in all in mantras, yantra and tantra. Also I want to learn how to prepare talisman

  4. Hi neel sir can you send me Lord Sharbheshwar sadhana which avatar of Lord Shiva. If you have any kind of sadhana please send me.

  5. Is there any mantra to take my money back but the person who took it died but her son promised to pay me back but he dont want to pay back


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