Future Dates in Outer Space

For their current new visit, the matured fun branch female had also dared to dress lightly, this time in only 4 hanging pieces, 2 above, 2 below. Her very friendly fun branch visitor was well tempted. What he saw from her side was filled out impressively enticingly better than any average early modern.

He dared to feel her leg. Not the slightest objection. Given their ever better growing close friendship and their fun branch natures, he knew she should likely have good strong favorable responses, such as from being fondled up higher.

He dared try. She seemed fully approving. No interference. Not the slightest objection. She was soon much enjoying her well improved fun branch responses from up here. Her hanging top pieces let him easily feel up inside and all over her impressively filled out matured volumes here. She loved how good it felt. Eventually even well enjoyed strong orgasms could become possible for her, just from being so nicely fondled here.

This developed into the first of many greatly enjoyed multiorgasmic visits. It was so easy, thanks to their matured heightened pleasure sensitivities. After initial orgasms from good fondling, achieving a minutes long extended superorgasm wasn't hard. This was much deeper fun than past childhood simple playing.

She had a good big highly sensitive clitoris. He had good fun playing over it. She also had heightened sensitivity up in her vagina. She enjoyed his nicely exciting playful fingering in there.

They eventually had more good fun, by trying full sex. Both definitely loved their developed matured fun branch good sensitivity improvements.

Many earlier moderns had become decidedly envious. They became able to get themselves genetically modified to gradually gain such improved sexy pleasure response options. Very helpful were new developed ways to increase breast or penus sizes, while gaining bigger surfaces filled with many more new pleasure sensors. Also most helpful became getting increased their past mental sexual response capacities.

Already some DNA research & developments experts had been working on some aspects of this. Yes, they could exploit maturing developmental natural biogenetic mechanisms to later further expand such places. Then slightly reducing brain cell sizes had also been allowing having neuron numbers increased some, some maybe for nicely expanding heightened sensual pleasures. Thus the happy fun branch became extended to include modified older moderns populations.

This is a guest post. Questions? Ask Iwas.A.Member@gmail.com. If interested in much more about advanced future folks living quite well in space, ask for DOS compressed email attached FBW.Z

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