Researchers Secretly Flee Earth in Future

By now some of Earth's helpful well trusted DNA R&D (research & development) experts had known or guessed that genetically improved moderns must have almost all been secretly fleeing Earth, likely going up to the high orbiting settlements, due to some all around the world getting slaughtered by some violently hateful religious conservatives if it ever became seriously suspected by others that any had had such babies, or that they'd gotten any internal DNA improvements for slowed aging or better health well beyond any natural human.

A few more of the human DNA R&D experts and their families had been trying out how it could be to move up to the high orbiting Fullball world to try such living for at least a while. Most became favorably tempted, as they had expected, to make such a move permanent. Most all much preferred the safe lack up here of conservative stiff government restrictions forever tightly banning ever devising or producing genetic improvements for themselves or others, (to thus effectively depart away from being pure natural (flawed) humans).

They had guessed or secretly understood from remarks in a few secret encoded contacts with some moderns or their parents, that there had indeed been an increasing number of them now up here, benefiting from ever more genetic improvements which such DNA R&D experts had liked secretly working on developing down on Earth.

The researchers could still continue private secret encoded contacts with some moderns. They thus became somewhat puzzled by being completely unable to arrange to ever personally go see any up here. Why? Where were they hiding, seemingly highly cautiously secretly totally well obscured somewhere up here?

Eventually when each DNA R&D expert became fully trusted enough by at least one modern, the expert got a reply saying that most had been moving out to a new completely secret settlement which the researcher's family would all be welcomed to permanently if they liked, providing they all totally agreed to keep this forever undisclosed to anyone else unaware of this new special settlement.

Some then eventually chose to secretly move out to the secret new Fullball world always nicely hidden unseen, orbiting monthly always near Lagrangian point L2 behind Luna. The DNA R&D experts had increasingly wanted what they'd felt unable to safely risk ever having tried doing down on Earth, among a few deadly hostile foes, for even one new beloved baby, or somehow possibly tried within themselves: getting increasingly better internal cell DNA improvements, beyond any natural humans, produced and activated to improve health and disease resistance, and maybe to very helpfully slow or at least limit future aging.

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