Future Space World on L2 Luna - 4

The new Earth-Luna L4 & L5 orbiting migrogridded communications cubes could be communicated with from Earth most often via some often cloudless stations, some in a few deserts, or up at some high mountain transmissions sites. (These would then be usable to secretly transmit communications to/from anything hidden back behind Luna if up at least 15.5% of Luna's radius (merely .45% of the hidden Lagrangian L2 orbit stability point's altitude out behind Luna).

The high orbiting settlements investors group decided that, in addition to that pair of migrogridded communications cubes put into orbits at the Luna orbit Lagrangian stability points L4 & L5 around Earth, (to be able to communicate with the secret L2 new Fullball world settlement for moderns formed behind Luna hidden not at all visible from Earth), they could also have a 3rd migrogridded communications cube robotically made and sent to orbit up at the Earth-Luna Lagrangian stability orbit point L3. (This is a bit outside Luna's orbit, always around opposite from where Luna happens to be at any time.)

This would keep all 3 new migrogridded communications cubes orbiting at the 3 relative corner points of an almost equilateral triangle. Thus on-Earth transmission stations with no thick clouds above, such as some desert sites or maybe some high mountain sites, (and frequently many other places), could communicate with at least one of the new orbiting migrogridded communications cubes. Or much of every day, each such transmissions Earth station could at the same time also aim communications initially to others of the 3 orbiting cubes. (It was only from Earth's N & S poles that such cubes would never be visibly reachable, with all 3 new orbiting communications cubes staying, from Earth's poles, somewhat hidden just very slightly under Earth's horizon there.)

These new migrogridded communications cubes were reported on Earth as now letting astronomers etc. have communications transmited via special cloudless stations on Earth to reach the telescopes asteroid, or a robotic refining & construction asteroid, or any of the communications cubes confirming the current positions of the increasing number of so far found significant asteroids, a few possibly risky for Earth, and many at least sometimes between Venus and Jupiter.

If trying to use any such new orbiting migrogridded communications cube to reach some asteroid when it was turned by its day such that its communications cube was then unable to see Earth, that was no great problem. Wait at most a half asteroid day, then you could reach it. Or simply trust the asteroid's recent orbit and surface details kept in asteroid data collection public library locations on Earth.

This is a guest post. Questions? Ask Iwas.A.Member@gmail.com. If interested in much more about advanced future folks living quite well in space, ask for DOS compressed email attached FBW.Z

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