Future Secret Fullball World on L2 Luna

Since the source asteroids for the orbiting space settlements and for things sent to monitor asteroid positions had extra available refining and construction capacities, it had been agreed to have them send loads to secretly start forming a new Fullball world at L2, paid for by moderns. The investors taking care of their space settlements were contented that moderns moving into a L2 settlement might even help insulate their current high orbiting settlements from any rumor caresessly spreading of secretly having many genetically much advanced settlers.

Moderns could in the future reach the Earth-Luna L2 Fullball world in a vessel tossed out from the outer cable section of a cable lift. And more could use some vessel now parked outside the 2 high orbiting settlements, to transfer out to the new secret Earth-Luna L2 Fullball world. Moderns cautiously insisted to any settlers somehow learning about this that they shouldn't dare reveal to any others where many moderns would now be secretly moving. There was too much risk that anyone else learning this might later remark on it to less trustworthy others, maybe ultimately reaching the attention of some bad foes on Earth.

Moderns were very happy to gain this. Very different, no longer worrying maybe daily back on Earth about being found to be genetically altered. Now all the cable lift systems let lots more leave Earth far cheaper than costly rockets. And more could do so now even daily in simple big box vessels, not inspected by any government, unlike past expensive big much more special much less frequent possible rocket rides.

A gradually increasing fraction of moderns gave some time to help some genetics research & developments experts elsewhere, sometimes experimenting in themselves. A recent goal being increasingly well achieved had been to safely usefully slow aging, and even somewhat reverse it in their earliest adults.

Some others were able to invent things they could transfer to the investors group in charge of high settlements, as a decent reward. This would pay them for continuing to have some robotically prepared loads sent to the new L2 Fullball world, including more new robotic daily serving devices good for enjoyable easy living there at L2. Also it would pay them for future loads secretly sent for future Fullball world expansions at L2.

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