Future 3D Fullball Worlds in Space

After investors had taken a chance on having robotically made a high orbiting cylinder settlement, for possible interested younger people, they had succeeded well enough that they had then decided to design & try a more efficient spherical 3D volume filled "Fullball" balloon world. (This had been conveniently helped by once more using the earlier cylinder settlement's robotic construction equipment left saved outside it.

After that, saved later had been fresh robotic construction equipment used for the Fullball world. And later also saved had been more from when the Fullball world had been expanded to permit more settlers.)

Thanks to virtually 0 gravitational weights between homes cylinders, also thanks to conveniently closer homes in the Fullball world's 3D inner 1/2 radius volume, (the outer 1/2 radius = 7/8 volume, used primarily for robotic farming), this had become more popular than the older early cylinder world. Most new settlers then preferred moving into the better efficient Fullball world.

But time had finally arrived to expand the old cylinder world, (partly for recent young growing up ready to join into new families). Easiest was to first simply have old saved past, plus some new sent robotic construction equipment, robotically assemble nearby a completely new suitably bigger initial outer cylinder shell, using parts sent to here. Most all wanting a new cylinder settlement home would then move into it.

Moving would be easy, with 1/5 Earth effective world spin weights in your old homes level.

The new bigger cylinder settlement was first formed with no rotation, hence easy to construct all inside initially weightless. Formed early at both new cylinder axis ends were proper towers for big slow spinning Solar energy converting disk films, good for plenty of electricity helpful to form or assemble everything inside the initial new outer cylinder.

Fixed to the outside was what held a maybe 2m good thick layer of asteroid matter for heat insulation, and for protection from outside cosmic radiation and from space debris or asteroids too small to detect and catch or deflect away. Once the suitable cable network was assembled inside, the new cylinder world was given initial slow turning speed for useful very light initial weights of things being assembled inside.

This is a guest post. Questions? Ask Iwas.A.Member@gmail.com. If interested in much more about advanced future folks living quite well in space, ask for DOS compressed email attached FBW.Z

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