Farms and homes in space settlements

Perhaps with some temporary new towers helping stabilize an expanding 3D Fullball balloon world's bigger new outer shell's new extended cable network, robotically attach new cylinder axis ends as needed for all the internal wanted new suspended farms, homes, etc. cylinders, being assembled from prepared parts sent from the source asteroid(s).

Robotically assemble all such wanted new farms, homes, etc. cylinders. The farms cylinders will be formed for slow spun effective light weights good food plant growing levels inside them having effective soil spread from loads of special asteroid matter. Form utilities, like for water & sewage and electricity, with proper branching pipes or insulated wires, formed to reach all such new cylinders.

Finally inject nitrogen and oxygen isolated from asteroid materials, and raise pressure to 1Atm. Using electric energy, which keeps being converted from Solar light, (collected steadily from the outside now enlarged big Solar conversion disk films up out on their now higher towers), gradually raise the temperature of all inside up to a wanted decent temperate Earth surface temperature.

Disassemble the old outer shell pieces small enough to deliver them up, then outside through airlocks, (saved available to be modified suitable for a future expansion). This now gives a much bigger 3D volume for all farms, homes, etc. Finally, exchange the new homes cylinders with the old interior farms cylinders. This will nicely let folks more conveniently live close within the inner 1/2 radius (1/8 volume).

With water from asteroid ice or formed from isolated asteroid materials, start new food growing in what had been sent specially collected from the source asteroid(s) able to serve as adequate soil.

Now lots more folks can live here for many years before wanting to have this expanded again, even counting new births, plus much slowed aging for adult moderns, (to eventually become totally halted, then later even reversed, giving moderns lots longer lives within their growing populations).

Since the high orbiting Fullball world settlement was doing well, filling with ever more interested folks arriving from Earth, future needed increasing expansions would likewise use future robotically refined & prepared materials sent here from the source asteroid(s) for robotic construction. (Like before, having such expansions instead humanly prepared and rocketed out from Earth would have been far too costly.)

This is a guest post. Questions? Ask . If interested in much more about advanced future folks living quite well in space, ask for DOS compressed email attached FBW.Z

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