Astronomy exposes Divine Truth of Allah, Jahveh

Also there's another problem with presenting Sol as just some horizontal disk passing across our sky. When it approaches our horizon, if simply a disk, shouldn't it start looking like a tilted circle, less high than wide? So this should also argue that Sol apparently must actually be some sphere. Correct? So the old flat surface only Earth doctrine had more flaws.

Thus by now, can you find any even firm believer in God (Allah, Jahveh) who holds to that theological presentation, as if being Divine Truth never to be questioned or rejected? Quite the contrary, virtually all folks have by now come to instead accept astronomy's scientific presentation of Earth as instead being a daily turning huge massive sphere, orbiting yearly a very far away far more huge and massive super hot gas sphere Sol, with our daily turning axis significantly 23.5deg different from our orbit axis, harshly resulting in our yearly uncomfortable seasons of hot summers and even freezing cold winters.

Spherical Earth reality had been verified centuries ago by a ship daring to try voyaging in one direction all around Earth's oceans, (always partly westward, the same direction as Sol and Luna daily passing across the sky), to then months later be able to successfully arrive back at its starting nation now getting ever closer, found ahead of them now at the west end of their long voyage. That of course couldn't have succeeded on simply a big wide flat plane.

Astronomy's answer had also been helped by noticing how much the angle for viewing the sun above differed when voyaging far north or south. And then the difference in angles at noon, from places of known distances apart north or south, had permitted computing a nicely consistent radius for such a truly very spherical Earth.

Also with Astronomy expressing that Luna was simply a Solar lit sphere, orbiting around Earth, this gave a good easy answer for it appearing to cycle through crescent shapes, repeating the cycle every 29.53 days. Simple. So many folks around the world, learning of such scientific realities, had been coming to accept that religious doctrines weren't to be entirely believed and trusted as representing real full truth. Instead they apparently had to most likely be primarily ancient conceived ego inflating myths, proudly happily elevating we humans to claim to be most special Divine Creations uniquely far beyond any other life form here, enticingly pretended to have been created with Eternal continuing Souls which folks would love to somehow have, to keep their conscious thinking minds somehow existing, forever beyond their fatal ends!.?)

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