The real meaning of perfection

This is a post on the real meaning of perfection from the point of view of Indian spiritualism Indian spiritualism. Can it ever be achieved? When can one achieve it? And what is the state of existence when it is achieved?

Creation and dissolution has occurred a countless times, what is beyond creation and destruction is the Hiranyagarbha; the Golden Womb. It is the space on which the whole of creation exists; countless Universes; taking birth and dying all the time. The Hiranyagarbha has always existed and will always continue to do so; it is the cause of all causes.

As creation emerges from the “womb” it erupts into a “big bang” and sound is born. The Golden Womb is the state of total harmony between the three Gunas or Tattvas – the Brahma Tattva, the Vishnu Tattva and the Shiva Tattva. This total perfect harmony can only exist in the state of “No Existence”.

Total perfection exists only in the Hiranygarbha; everything which is created from the Golden Womb is imperfect; perfection varies in degrees. There is no perfect man or woman; though there may exist some who are more perfect than others.

The same is the case with total harmony. There is no such thing as the highest state of ecstasy the same way there can be no such thing like the ultimate state of consciousness or Nirvikalpa Samadhi. These states exist only in the unborn ever existent; the HIRANYAGARBHA-.

The deepest meanings of Indian philosophy teach that “complete”, “perfect” or “total” are the qualities of the Hiranyagarbha. Like I have said before many times “we live in the thing and the thing lives inside us”. So does not that make use the thing? We scale these attributes when we become the thing.

Creation is the vehicle of the “thing” to experience itself. It is the process through which Creation cleanses itself. The birth and death cycle of each and every living organism is that cleansing cycle; till the individual entity reaches the last stage of perfection. After the last stage of perfection; exists only total perfection; there is nothing beyond.

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