Mantra for proper passing of urine

One never gives a second thought to that action which we perform numerous times everyday; that of passing urine. The clear and proper passing of urine is an essential physical function necessary for survival as the harmful waste by products of the body are secreted out.

In this post I have given a Shabar mantra to be chanted while in the act of passing urine. The vibrations created while the chanting of the Mantra creates the flow of harmonious vibrations throughout the body. The body is then able to discharge it normal functions in a proper manner and harmful and toxic waste is secreted out

Hindu Mantra Chant for proper passing of urine
Mantra for proper passing of urine

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  1. Dear Mr Neal,

    I would like to enquire on this specific mantra. I have also read shivambu kalpa or damar tantra in which it suggests the opposite of urine being harmful or toxic. I am hoping you could shed some light on this matter

    1. This Mantra is for the smooth outflow of urine and the discharge of harmful toxins.
      The Damar Tantra is a specific Tantra to convert urine into a healing element. The Tantra has over a 100 verses and some very specific rules and restrictions to be strictly followed to make the therapy successful.
      If these rules are not followed there will most likely be harmful side effects.

  2. Dear Neel ji,

    Please tell me shabar mantra for curing urethral strictures in young boys. Regards

  3. Dear Sir,

    Please let me know if you get cure for urethral strictures. I am suffering from this and life have become Hell. Please help


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