Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A very powerful mantra to remove Vaastu Dosh

Vaastu Dash means defects of a paranormal nature present in a dwelling place, house, commercial building or any other type of construction. Indian practitioners of the paranormal believe that a construction might be affected by the position of the land or the way in which the building is constructed.

A defective construction is said to attract energies which are of a negative, harmful, destructive or depressive nature. This is sought to be rectified through the science of Vastu Shastra. There are other paranormal remedies available like Pujas, Havans and the chanting of Mantras.

I have given in this post a very powerful mantra to rectify and remove Vaastu Dosh. This mantra is from the great text the Dnyaneshwari; composed by one of India’s most popular saints Sant Dnyaneshwar in the 13th century. The divine nature of this profoundly spiritual text can be judged by the fact that Sant Dnyaneshwar was only a teenager of 16 years when he composed it.

Mantra to remove Vaastu Dosh

The language of this mantra is the Marathi of the early middle ages. To use this mantra it has to be chanted 10,000 times and 1100 Havans have to be performed. This is a very powerful mantra and it has been said that it rectifies and removes every kind of Vaastu Dosh.

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  1. Sir

    You have mentioned 1100 havans needs to be done . Which havan is this.


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