Mantra for fear in unknown places

This is a strong Shabar mantra for fear in unknown places. Many a times when one visits or stays in unknown places or places which one has never visited before one feels a sense of fear. This fear might be due to the fear of the unknown or due to unknown reasons like unfriendly or negative energies circulating in the particular place.

To remove such fear the Indian science of Shabar Vidya has give certain mantras; this is one of them. This procedure of acquiring Siddhi [mastery] is not applicable to this mantra.

When you feel a sense of fear all you have to do is to chant the mantra 3 times and clap loudly with your hands; it is said that this removes the harmful and negative energies from your path.

Indian Mantra Chant for fear in unknown places
Mantra for fear in unknown places

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