Prophecy on the economic crash in India

This site had earlier predicted a Global economic crash and the harsh reality of the Indian stock market being wiped out. These unique prophecies were made by decoding the prophecies of Nostradamus as also the various Hindu prophecies which all point to a huge economic crash leading to utter chaos the world over; the chaos in turn lead to a collapse in the system of governance which paves the way for a new system to take its place.

In this article we are focusing only on the Prophecy on the economic crash in India. The economists and the Industry Bosses might tell you that the picture for the future is rosy and this is only temporary glitch; part of the Global slowdown. We don’t go by these opinions as we find them colored and motivated.

The prophecies speak of a complete crash followed by a collapse in the system of governance. One look at the real picture of the Indian economy will tell even a layman that the picture is alarming. The economic reforms, the budget and the rosy scene is for only about 1% of the total population of India. The next 4% are well off with the rest 95% struggling to meet ends meet. Of these 95% there is a sizable section facing starvation, malnutrition and lack of health care.

Such a lopsided economic situation can sustain at the most for a couple of decades; but not forever. The cracks which began showing a couple of years back and are now getting wider. The lawlessness prevailing in a major part of the country is part of the impending collapse. “Even God would not be able to control crime in UP. Crime will continue even if God forms a government in Uttar Pradesh” This statement by a Cabinet Minister [himself with a criminal background] in India’s largest state probably is a correct assessment of the ground situation.

When people are excluded from most benefits as 95% of India’s population is then how do you expect them to be law abiding citizens? Day by day the ground situation worsens as rampant and unabated looting has taken a firm grip.

The collapse will make life unbearable for the common population as fuel and energy will disappear from the life of the ordinary man. So also will there be severe shortages of essential food and medical supplies. There is already wide spread food adulteration; very few people realize that the fruits, vegetables and food grains they consumes are adulterated and poisoned. This is the main cause of many new viruses and undiagnosed illnesses you suffer from.

The collapse will be accompanied by widespread caste and communal violence as the politicians have to cling on to power created barriers between communities and as the essential resources start becoming scarcer violence starts escalating as competition to grab the available resources takes momentum.

I don’t want to sound like a doomsday prophet, but this is what my research clearly indicated what the near future hold for us. It is not the end of the road as a new system of governance will emerge. The only aim of this site is to prepare its readers for the challenges of the future.

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