NWO plans for India 2012 and beyond

The New World Order [ NWO] is a continuously evolving entity; keeping abreast of the changing trends; the world over. With the economic meltdown looming the world over, the NWO strategy for 2012 is underway; this strategy is now becoming noticeable in India.

Since the opening up of the Indian economy in1991 the handful representing the NWO in India had at their mercy almost the entire national resources of India. This enabled them to make unprecedented sums of money in just a few years. This money was routed out of India and brought back into the Indian stock market through fictitious FII’s; this enabled them to manipulate the stock markets and loot the small time investors of their funds.

Come 2012 a lot has changed most of these entities are in trouble with their foreign investments, purchased with looted funds looking bad. On the domestic front the Indian economy will show negative growth; with a possible crash looming around the corner. A Real Estate crash seems almost certain.

The new strategy is to create artificial shortages in fuel and coal and increase the prices at regular intervals. Manipulate power shortages to indicate to the population that unless there is de-regularization; worse will follow. The immediate target is to end the monopoly of Coal India Ltd over coal mining.

Other profitable sectors like the Power Sector are sure to follow with the most profitable revenue generating areas handed over to the NOW at throw away prices. The loss making areas in Power; especially in the undeveloped regions will always remain with the government. Thus 2012 and beyond the NOW plans for India are to grab as much of the national resources still in government hands.


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