Mantra for solution to problems

This mantra is a verse from the Bhagavad-Gita. A most successful person in public life told me about this particular verse which he uses as a mantra to seek solutions for problems.

Have a look at the profoundly spiritual meaning of this verse - The one who sees everything in Me and Me in everything, I always live in him and he lives in me.

Everyone encounters problems and obstacles in life regularly; at times these problems will be difficult; seemingly with no solution in sight. This mantra has to be chanted in bed, just before going to sleep at night. One must cultivate this habit of chanting the mantra with concentration, sincerity and conviction. The solution for your problem will appear in your dream.

Hindu Mantra Chant for solution to problems
Mantra for solution to problems

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  1. Please tell me how many time i have to recite this mantra(Mantra for solution of problem-mantra from Bhagwat Gita) before sleep plz send hury id

  2. Even once is enough if you get the pronunciation correctly.

  3. Pranaam Gurujee
    Thank you for posting such useful sadhanas.

    I have started this mantra and its been 20 days, although I can see its effect. I get the dreams what is happening to me and my dream interpret to my emotional being, whatever I think and feel, Though I am not able to get the answers of my problem , I just dream what I feel consciously or being unconscious.
    I recite it twice on bed at night before sleep .
    Please help n guide me Gurujee if anyway I am doing it wrong.
    Hope to hear from you. Thankyou!

  4. Since I have started this mantra I get the dreams of deities mostly Hanuman and Sri Ganesh.
    Please guide.

    1. There seems to be nothing wrong, continue with the Mantra Sadhana and you might experience positive results.

  5. i did this mantra for my lost baby . . . and miracle happened i got answer in my dream thatmy baby girl is alive and place where she exactly was. I got my baby girl vaishnavi back. . . blessing of kali maa

    1. Glad to hear that Kali Mata blessed you with a vision to find your baby girl.

    2. Hope your baby is doing well.

  6. Are women allowed to recite these mantras during their menstrual cycle? I'm desperate to know this...

    1. Some devotional Hindu Mantra, which involve Puja-Vidhi should not be chanted during the Monthly Cycle.
      Others, like, this Mantra, which involves no Puja, can be chanted during the Periods.
      However, it all depends upon the kind of Mantra Sadhana you are engaged in.

  7. Hai sir...m married but we are not happy from the first day.he is different. He dontlove me or like me.he don't even talk to me nice.we don't spend time together.I love him.I want him.he had many affairs before marriage and he is continuing them.he at least don't c me like a human.he don't want me.from 3months he is talking bad about my character. M very depressed.I had committed suicide but I am alive.I can't live dis life.pls tek me solution for dis problem.I want my husband to hear me.I want him beside me.I want him to talk to me.I want him to love me.I want him badly.I want him to understand me.plsss sir thankyou

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Sir, i used this mantra 2 years,it had been 2 minutes to recite & my whole body started vibrating and i felt that a high uniform pressure is being exerted on my body. I was really afraid & never recite any mantra as of then. Can u te me what was that or should i use this mantra.

    1. This is an ancient Sanskrit Mantra, maybe you are experiencing the power and vibrations of the Mantra.
      There is nothing to be scared of,kindly observe the changes in your life and then decide if you wish to continue with the Mantra Sadhana.

  9. namaste sir,
    please tell me in how many days will get the answer of my question in dream
    Also i need your blessing sir ..

    1. That depends upon the intensity of your practice and if you succeed in the experiment.

    2. sir,
      i am beginner in meditation.
      i do breath meditation daily from the last 10 months
      i feel to start mantra meditation
      please suggest me the mantra for my whole life.

    3. There are many such mantras published on this site, you can look for any mantra of your ishta devta that you like.


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