Mantra for black magic by enemies - 2

This is another mantra to ward off black magic conducted against you by your enemies. The previous one which I had given was a Shabar mantra; this one is a Vedic mantra.

Black magic can be done in a number of ways and the most dangerous ones are Maran, Videshan, and Stambhan and Uchatan experiments. Such experiments are likely to generate a lot of harmful energy and destructive frequencies coming your way in this period of Kali Yuga.

To practice this mantra you have to take a new piece of a broken earthen pot. Then at dusk you have to put some water in that earthen piece. Then you have to drink the water and chant the Mantra given here. This experiment must be practiced everyday till you feel the positive vibrations coming you way.

Hindu Voodoo Occult Spell Black Magic By Enemies- 2
Mantra for Black Magic By Enemies- 2

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  1. Tell me how many times it is to be chanted?

  2. dear respected sir,
    i want to know how much time chant this ( mantra ror blak magic by enemy) and what is vidhi.
    so please tell me sir i am suffering from troble.

    1. The Mantra has to be chanted once, the Vidhi is given in the post and can be performed daily until the desired goal is achieved.

    2. Sir wanted ur number and wanted to meet u in, personally...

  3. all the time we need to use a new broken earthen pot

    1. That is correct, every time you perform the Mantra Experiment, you have to use a new broken Matka.

  4. Should I drink the water after chanting the mantra or before chanting it?

    1. Drink the water and then chant the Mantra.

  5. मैंने वर्षो से मंत्र पढता रहता हूँ.मैंने डॉ. नारायणदत्त श्री माली से अनायाश धन प्राप्ति के लिए साधना सीखी थी. और मैं सफल हो भी गया. मुझे स्वपन में लाटरी के यु के यु नंबर बोर्ड पर नज़र आ जाते. लेकिन ये विद्या मैं अधिक दिनों तक नहीं रख सका . मैंने वो नंबर किसी को बताये तो असर ख़तम हो गया. वो साधना थी मणिभद्र कि जिसमे सफ़ेद हकीक माला और मणिभद्र यंत्र भी था. क्या आप बता सकते है. उस साधना के बारे में या ऐसी साधना के बारें में जो लॉटरी से सम्बंधित नंबर स्वपन में बता दे. धन्यवाद. satya

    1. It is nice to hear that you had gained Siddhi, but if you lost the powers, please think where you went wrong, maybe you can regain the Siddhi.
      There are some gambling related Mantras published on this site, you can search for them using the search box.

  6. Can pregnant women do this? Is it safe to practice for my husband


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