Religious conservatives need DNA modifications

If DNA R&D (research & development) scientific experts can eliminate useless wasteful DNA junk messing up our chromosomes, much being uselessly inherited from ancient viruses which had infected some prehistoric ancient humans, why not? Also we have some quite useless inactive ancient inherited genes. Why not maybe get rid of some of them?

It's the nature of viruses to insert their genetics into cells of animals they infect, to exploit our cell properties to produce things from their genes, and ultimately then get whole new viruses produced. Thus such viruses get multiplied to spread wider, able to then infect future victims. Thus viruses persist on into the far future. Some of the most successful may even randomly accidentally happen to get chemically altered and on rare occasions effectively evolve more infectious and harmful.

But some devoted religious conservatives will unsurprisingly violently hate any modifications ever being produced for human genetics, as if being an evil violation undermining and being insultingly disrespectful against their favored proudly proclaimed status as if being God's (Allah's, Jahveh's) supposedly Perfect Intelligent Design of Humans. Thus they may try to kill some of those good kind helpful R&D experts. They would especially hate that much more, realizing that simply cleaning out ancient virus junk could possibly lead some DNA R&D experts they hated to try much greater genetic human alterations.

And besides, this could convince many fellow humans that our genetics is in truth somewhat imperfectly flawed, thus making some wonder why any proposed truly creative God (Allah, Jahveh), if good, might have uncaringly chosen to give us weaknesses including making us somewhat vulnerable to several harmful sickening diseases. Isn't that rather far from being kindly caring and loving?

Expect this to convince many careful thinkers that our proudly pretended Special Good Creation by God (Allah, Jahveh) isn't very realistic, in contrast to scientifically presented realities including far ancient past simple natural (random) evolution, revealing how humans long ago came into existence, no God (Allah, Jahveh) needed. Science happened to be showing folks that religion was founded on magical imaginary answers, (especially if somewhat happily compatible with our social animal nature, craving to be in & stay accepted within respected beliefs groups), long before technical methods were developed able to discover actual real universe answers not needing any such old happy imagined magic.

Those involved in any way with any aspects of DNA R&D which could lead to any genetic improvements in humans, even as minor as trying to merely get rid of some past human inherited chromosome fragments from viruses infecting ancient humans, weren't naive. They realized it would be safest and wisest to keep that well hidden from the general public, which had too many suspicious or violently hateful religious conservatives strongly opposed against any modification of humans. They had thus begun using secret encoded communications methods with others who favored or were using or working on any such future genetic advancements. To stay even safer, they periodically revised their encoding schemes.

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