Traditional Indian remedies for impotence

Sexual impotence also known as Erectile Dysfunction is not something which you should run scared off; it’s a common medical condition. More often than not it is caused by emotional disturbances which hinder the smooth flow of blood entering the reproductive organ.

Today we are focusing on some of the traditional Indian remedies which are used to treat impotence. I have deliberately left out the more difficult ones and given here those which are real simple and easy to practice.

Garlic paste mixed with cow’s milk and consumed for 21 or 42 day is said to give most positive results. Chewing a couple of Garlic petals once a day is also a recommended treatment.

Barley drink mixed with a drop of the milk [latex] of the Indian Banyan Tree [Ficus Benghalensis] is used to treat those suffering from this condition.

Dried Mango flowers mixed with Wheat Semolina and roasted in Clarified Butter is also known to give positive results in the treatment of impotency..

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