The so-called impotency has its origins in the emotional makeup of the subject. There is some conflict in the brain or to be more specific the memory, which is stored in the brain, which prevents man from doing his sexual functions in a satisfactory manner.

The lack of erection or premature ejaculation are not the faults of the sexual organs, the sexual organs are like any other human body organs an extension of the mind. The fault lies not in the organs but in its master, the mind or to be more precise the CONSCIOUSNESS or memory.

The sub-conscious mind plays a key role in sexual functions. Erection and Ejaculation occurs even when one is asleep or when one is unconscious. Therefore, it is the sub-conscious or memory, which has to be corrected, and the right suggestions implanted into it.
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Mind Impotency 3D

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Mental Implants
The cure to this so-called impotency is really very simple, without going into complicated medical terms the purpose of which is to confuse the subject rather than help him, I will straight away ask you to practice the MEDITATION OF SILENCE, when you practice the meditation of silence, in time you will find that your mind has stilled, when your mind has stilled then you should ponder over your problem of sexual malfunction, this you must do in a casual manner without exerting your mind and in a very natural manner, in time you are bound to come across a sensation which will make you feel uncomfortable, remember that it is this implant in your memory which is the root cause of all your problems of sexual malfunction.

Please remember that the key here is not to run away or hide from this sensation, but to meet it head long and let it merge fully in to you mind and memory.

In time, you will notice that the intensity of that particular sensation has decreased and it does not make you feel as uncomfortable as before, again after some time you will discover that this sensation has disappeared altogether and so have your problems of sexual malfunction.

Please keep in mind that the brain or that what is stored in your brain called memory is the real master of all the organs of the human body. When the memory is repaired, the organs will automatically repair themselves.

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  1. Scientists Discover A Cure For Low Libido (impotence) which Is totally natural
    The use of Butea Superba compared to sildenafil for treating low libido & erectile dysfunction

    Published Friday, 21 August 2009

    • Karolinska Institute, CKK Urologic Oncology Group, Stockholm, Sweden.
    • Urology Service, University Hospital 'Dr José E. González' UANL, Monterrey, NL, México.
    To evaluate the effect of an extract of Butea superba (BS) compared to sildenafil for treating erectile dysfunction & Low Libido.
    An open label study was carried out among 32 men with organic erectile dysfunction (ED) to evaluate the response on the International Index of Erectile Function 5(IIEF-5) to Butea Superba, a 'natural health' product (50mg), compared to 50 mg of sildenafil (a phosphodiesterase-5 inhibitor). After a 1-week wash-out, responders to Butea received either 100 mg starch or 100 mg of another batch of Butea (double-blind).
    Of the patients in the Butea group, 27 (84%) responded positively, compared with 26 (81%) in the sildenafil group. When assessing the score alone, 12 (38%) had a better score after taking Butea, compared to seven (22%) after sildenafil, and eight (25%) had the same score. The results were surprising. A 'natural' health product containing Butea Superba was more effective than sildenafil in the study.
    Written by:
    Cortés-González JR, Arratia-Maqueo JA, Gómez-Guerra LS, Holmberg AR
    Butea Superba can be obtained online at The Butea in HealthyhED pills is supplied direct from Thailand where it is grown and distributed under government control. This regulation ensures a high potency and guarantees the maintenance of an international standard.

  2. Relaxation is the key to overcoming sexual impotence.

  3. Can you please let me know what is the Meditation of Silence?


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