The following experts on the Absolute or the Infinite energy were amongst the numerous teachings of Ramakrishna Paramahansa who was considered an avatar or incarnation of God by many of his disciples, and is considered as such by many of his devotees today.

Source-The Gospel of Ramakrishna by Swami Abhedananda
What the Absolute is no one can tell. He who has attained the Absolute can not give any information about it.

The Absolute Brahman and the Mother of the universe are one and the same. Where there is no activity of any kind, that is the state of Absolute Brahman, but where there is evolution and destruction, there is the manifestation of the Divine Mother. When the water of the ocean is calm, without a wave or ripple, that is like the state of the Absolute. When the water is in motion and with waves, it is the state of the Creative Energy or Divine Mother. Divine Mother is both with form and without form. You have faith in formless Divinity, therefore you can think of my Mother as formless. When your faith is firm, the Divine Mother will show you how She is. Then you will know that it is not that She is mere Absolute existence.

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She will come to you and speak to you. Have faith and you will get everything. If you have faith in the formless Divinity, you must make that faith as firm as a rock. But do not be dogmatic; you must never dogmatize about God. You must not say that He is like this and not like anything else. You may say: "I believe in a formless Divinity, but what else He is, is known to Him. I do not know, I cannot understand." The small intellect of man cannot grasp the whole. nature of God. A vessel which can hold a pound only, how can it contain four pounds? If God reveals Himself to one by His Grace and makes one understand His nature, then one realizes Him and not until then. The Absolute and the Divine Mother are one.

With earnest longing and sincerity pray and cry. When the heart will be purified, then you will see the vision as in pure water you can see the reflection of the sun. Upon the mirror of the ego of the devotee is to be seen the reflection of the Absolute Mother of the universe with form.

But the mirror should be thoroughly polished; if there be a speck of dirt the reflection will not be perfect. When the sun is to be seen on the water of the ego and when there is no other means of getting a view of the real Sun, so long the reflected image of the sun should be considered as absolutely real. As long as the ego is real, so long the reflected image of the sun is real, not partially but absolutely. That reflected image of the sun is the Divine Mother. If you wish to reach the Absolute Brahman, which is impersonal and without attributes, then start from that reflected image and march towards the real Sun. The Personal God or Brahman with attributes is the one who listens to prayers. Pray to Him and He will grant the highest wisdom, because the same Personal God has the Impersonal aspect also, which is the Absolute Brahman. Divine Energy, which is the Mother of the universe, is another aspect of the same Brahman. All these merge into absolute oneness.

The Mother can give Brahma-Jnâna, the knowledge of the Absolute, as also true devotion and absolute love. God is the internal ruler of all. Forsaking egotism, resign your will to His will; you will get every-thing you desire.

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  1. Fascinating. Sounds like Fraud borrowed some of his theories from Ramakrishna. You have a lot of interesting posts. I have an open mind on religion and spirituality. As a writer, I definitely believe in a higher power. There are so many times I look at what I have written and believe that I had help in crafting the words.

    Science is still in its infancy and is unable to analyze and categorize the teachings of the philosophies and religions that have been around far longer than it has been.

    Thanks for making me think.


  2. I took a big interest in Ramakrishna when I was younger. There was a chapter of the Vedanta society in NY and I used to attend lectures there. Many of the concepts remind me of ancient Greek philosophy, with the interplay between stillness and movement, flux and permanence, the particular and the absolute.


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