The most advanced stage in self-hypnosis is what is called in Hindu Spiritualism as the state of Samadhi.  This state is extremely rare and difficult but not impossible to achieve. In the highest stages of SELF HYPNOSIS, the subject can project his consciousness anywhere he desires, even out of the atmosphere of the earth at any time he desires.

Samadhi Art 3D Image
Samadhi Art 3D
This is called the transcendental state of consciousness or super-consciousness, in such a state the barriers, which rule us those of time and space, cease to exist and become the unknown. In such a state the physical body remains in a inert state, but the etheric or astral body springs into action. This etheric or astral body becomes the vehicle of the subject, and can travel anywhere in time and space.

This highest state of hypnotic trance though it might seem difficult can be achieved by the dedicated student of self-hypnosis, and also through the practice of MEDITATION OF SILENCE. The consciousness can be directed at first to do astral travel, and then later on after some experience has been achieved, this transference of consciousness may be directed to travel into the past and the future. In such states one can describe what has happened, what is happening and what will happen. In this state, one can see clairvoyantly and hear clairaudiently.

In this highest state of self-hypnosis or Samadhi, one acquires extra sensory perception, and may even acquire certain unknown supernatural powers. In such a state the normal senses become heightened, and one experiences the feeling that he is the consciousness, this is the state where there is no difference between the material and the immaterial and everything becomes one and merges with ones consciousness, this state has been described by great Yogis “as I am you, you are me” which signifies that the state of Duality has disappeared.

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