The real process of hypnosis is concentration. It is the subjects own imagination, what the hypnotist does is simply to manipulate this power of concentration and imagination. It is the imagination in the form of suggestions that heals and not the hypnotist. Hypnotic sleep only helps the patient to absorb the suggestion in concentrated form. The imagination plays an active role in making a suggestion concentrated.

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Hypnosis 3D
As we think so shall we be. We are responsible for what we are, because we feel in that manner, We are nothing else but what we make ourselves, we suffer not from diseases so much but by wrong thinking, what we see is nothing but our suggestions at work for we have conditioned ourselves that way. Hypnotism helps in overcoming these conditioning's, these mental barriers, Cures attributed to hypnotism are really possible due to imagination, just as diseases are also brought about by it. Our feelings excite our imagination, and then we discover qualities, which are not there. Similarly, our imagination activated by our negative and hostile feelings makes us discover defects, envy, ugliness, fear, anxiety, vices, and deformities when they do not exist.
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Self Hypnosis

Imagination is capable of great miracles, especially when its capacity is increased by training. Some persons under sudden and excessive fear have seen their hair turned white. A man condemned to death can die of imagination.

By hypnotic suggestion blisters, burns, nasal diseases have been produced in experiments; a suggestion is the subconscious realization of an idea. Suggestions are very powerful and have far-reaching effects, there is always an opening through which ideas and suggestions enter our subconscious and this goes on even while we sleep. The miracles, which we see around us and attribute to the supernatural, are but the end results of imaginations and suggestions.

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