These are some more of the teachings of Ramakrishna Paramahansa which describe the absolute infinite energy also called the Brahman, this is continuation of RAMAKRISHNA PARAMAHANSA ON THE ABSOLUTE

Source-The Gospel of Ramakrishna by Swami Abhedananda
That which is the Absolute (Nirguna), impersonal beyond all attributes, is also the same as the Personal God who is with all attributes and blessed qualities. The Absolute Brahman again is inseparable from the Divine energy (Sakti).
The term "Brahman" refers to that aspect of Divinity which is impersonal and which is beyond all activity. But when we think of Him as creating, preserving and destroying all phenomena, then we call Him the Personal God, Divine Mother or Kâli.

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Ramkrishna Paramhansa 3D
Brahman and Sakti are one. In reality, there is no distinction between "Brahman," or the Impersonal Absolute, and "Sakti," the Divine Mother. The Brahman and the Sakti are one just as fire and its burning power are one. As by the word fire, we understand its power of burning

There is one thing that is never defiled in this manner and that is the Absolute Brahman. No one has ever succeeded in describing the Absolute by words of mouth. Brahman is unspeakable, indescribable, and unthinkable.

He who has realized Brahman becomes silent. Discussions and argumentation's exist so long as the realization of the Absolute does not come. If you melt butter in a pan over fire, how long does it make a noise?

Brahman may be compared to the light of a lamp. As by the same light one may read the Holy Scriptures and another may forge a document, while the light remains unaffected by the good and evil deeds, so is the Absolute Brahman untouched by the good and evil of the world. He is like the Sun who shines equally upon the virtuous and the wicked.

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