Many people are skeptical about the practice of Chakra Meditation, and even if scientific facts are shown to them still remain skeptical. THE SEVEN CHAKRAS in the human body control the functioning of specific parts of the human body, with the mind being the controlling force behind it all.

Let me tell you about the MULDHARA CHAKRA, which is located at the root of the spine between the tail bone and the pubic bone, this chakra controls the sexual organs in males, and corresponds to the Adrenal Glands, if there is stimulation in the brain or the mind then an erection is experienced, this physical act alone explains that the chakra system in the body is what controls the functions of the human body, the fact that a limp part suddenly expands and becomes erect proves this.

The Kundalini Chakras and Sex
Kundalini Sex
In females the chakra which corresponds to the sexual organs is the THE SWADHISTHANA CHAKRA or the second chakra, which is situated at about two inches below the navel and corresponds to The Gonads, the sexual needs differ from that of men and the needs are mostly emotional.

As I have explained earlier that IMPOTENCY IS IN THE MIND, and the sexual organs are but an extension of the mind, the stimulus of these two chakras is in the mind. Everyone will know that he or she experiences sexual stimulation through certain thoughts and sensations and this is what triggers the first chakra in men and the second chakra in women.

What one must remember is let go of any such thoughts or painful memories which act as obstacles in the stimulation process, please remember it is all in the mind.

Keep the mind healthy by regular meditation,exercise or yoga and all your sexual problems will disappear and you will be able to harness more and more sexual power.

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