Hinduism believes in the immortality of the soul, it is the body which perishes as it goes through a cycle of six changes which are described in Vedanta namely-
These six cycles are the changes through which every physical body has to go through, none escapes from this. Destruction or death is the final chapter for the physical body, but not for the immortal soul.

Soul Recycling 3D Artwork Image
Soul Recycling 3D
The Katha Upanishad states “This Self cannot be seen through physical eyes for it is without visible form. But it can be realized in the depths of the purified heart. Those who know it become immortal”

Soul Factory Artwork Image
Soul Factory Art
Every soul is bound by the law of Karma, which is nothing but what we store inside our brain, which we call memory. This cycle continues and the soul goes to what is described as various ‘Planes’ of existence depending upon what is stored in the karma. A soul with very bad karma has to undergo hardships which can be likened to hell till that karma is erased; this has been explained by Shri Yukteswar to Yogananda in chapter 4 of ‘The Autobiography of an Yogi’and its relevance can be seen in THE MEANING OF THE FATIMA SECRETS.

After the destruction of the body the soul has to serve a certain period of time in these Planes of Existence, this again depends on the karma, and after that karma is erased, it is again reborn as a new body; this is a fresh start as the recycled soul does not remember anything from its past life’s.

Now this cycle of birth after birth, of the soul continues till such period after which the soul becomes purified, and it reaches a certain state of existence and karma where it comes closer to the ultimate source, the unknown infinite of which everything is a part of.

Now to explain this process in simple terms, imagine a purification assembly line, through which a soul or part of the infinite whole is put through, and has to undergo certain processes till it emerges as the final product. The impure part undergoes certain processes till it becomes pure.

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