If you desire something desperately, will strongly and act accordingly then even the gods cannot stop you from having what you desire. But you must keep in mind that this desperate desire should be combined with deeds. You must keep in mind that faith without desire is of little use as is desire without faith.

The way to acquire your strongest desires is through the practice of self hypnosis. Yes, great wonders can be achieved through self hypnosis. When you induce hypnosis by yourself and get into a hypnotic trance without the help of a hypnotist then it can be said that you have induced self hypnosis. It is said “As you think so you become”. The practice of self hypnosis is based on this principle.

Self-Hypnosis 3D Artwork Image
Self-Hypnosis 3D Art
One must remember that self hypnosis is a double edged sword, a panacea for all your ills and evils. As a negative force it helps in fighting and eradicating bad habits, and as a positive force, there is nothing like it to develop and strengthen desirable habits. A man is after all a bundle of habits good and bad, it is difficult to check and change undesirable habits but self hypnosis makes it easy and possible.

Before embarking further and getting into the practice of self hypnosis, it is advisable to ask the following questions of yourself-1. Are you determined to fight and eradicate a bad habit or to develop a good one?
2. Do you have faith in hypnosis?
3. Do you know the art of hypnosis?
4. Do you possess the patience and the perseverance necessary to walk along the path of hypnosis?
If your answer to all these questions is yes then you can safely proceed.

In self hypnosis, the most important thing is to be very clear and precise about your objectives, what you want to achieve must be directly in your sight. There should not be any indecisive about it, the objective should always be exact and specific, so that you can attack it point blank and in full force.

The probable chances of a civil war in India have surfaced from time to time ever since Indian gained independence in 1947.  Today there is a heated debate on the religious intolerance issue between the

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  1. I wonder why people ignoring this beautiful wisdom, Truth to be told Neel sir has contributed very very workable n practical blogs on Hypnosis! Hypnosis can help people in every problems, Also to rising in spirituality!
    People should adapt this works to improve their life instead of reading n chanting mantras and hoping to win lottery!


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