How to find God - 2

Those on the path of discovery of the self, god, and the unknown must have heard time and again that success is achieved only if the mind is still or silent. It is difficult for the layperson, just commencing his journey into the unknown to understand why the mind has to be silent or what this silence means or what it can achieve.

Many persons striving for mental silence try all sorts of methods, including self-hypnosis and autosuggestion to still and silence the mind. It is possible to reach the end goal of mental silence through such methods, but with great difficulty and like trying to reach the destination, without knowing the route of the train you are boarding.

The seeker of the unknown, including those engaged in Kundalini Awakening, should remember and clearly understand the sayings of the adepts such as “When the mind/thoughts end, what remains is God” “Silence is Timelessness/Nothingness” “To find God, one has to transcend thoughts” “God can never be a creation of the thoughts/mind” “To find God, the Me in you has to cease”.

What we learn from these wise words is that each ones process of self-discovery has to be unique and his own. God or the unknown can never be found by a prejudiced mind, the seeker has to free himself from the clutches of thinking and thoughts driven by second and third hand knowledge.

 What we learn from some adept who has discovered something are the experiences of his own unique journey, for us they become second hand and are not the unknown, because we have heard about them from him. The same way, what we learn from a secret or sacred text, becomes second, third or hundredth hand knowledge, one can never find the unknown using such methods.

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