Future Research in Sexual Pleasures

It had been well understood that, while maturing, improved basic pleasures could nicely include maturing adult pleasures, like enjoying very nice sensual responses from being fondly caressed. Why not? Let living become ever better richly enjoyed! New matured adults should often love this. So some human genetics R&D (research & development) experts had further studied and researched this, then had devised helpful ways able to develop some nice improvements.

Responses could be improved over sexy places, including over breasts. Breasts could, as in current evolving humans, in contrast to other primates, be matured bigger, by now refining for this from the current human genetics varieties, as well as now also being developed more firm, (thus more attention winning from interested males.) Bigger of course needed more covering skin surface area, which became good for now having enhanced and extra good sensual sensitivities improved here, with many more special touch sensors developing as the new moderns matured, while including maturing brain extra responses to them.

Past penis size could be extra big in a few, (often extra satisfying for their partners). This was genetically regulated before and while maturing. So this too could be improved in single-cell embryonic human zygotes for fresh babies. And here too greater skin surface areas would become well filled with more and better responding pleasure sensors. Clitoris size could similarly be developed bigger & longer, with more nice & more strongly responding sensors.

Nicely improved sensitivity could also be matured in the vagina. Those given such pleasing good genetic improvements unsurprisingly liked gaining such improved easy good fun options as they matured. Moderns unsurprisingly agreed they didn't have to stay limited to mostly coldly rational inventive complex thinking, while having ever more improving health with less aging.

New maturing young "moderns" up in the higher Fullball world certainly liked having good improved enhanced pleasure advantages. This was good. If having a long extended life, unlike past humans, while internally aging much slower beyond young adulthood, (to perhaps eventually get aging halted and maybe even reversed to early adulthood), it was better to keep enjoying daily living extra.

Many moderns still liked giving much time for exploring serious advanced technology developments, as some had done on Earth to earn enough income. But nicely up here, more freed time could also be used for good mental enjoyment, also for good playful or social fun times, since for moderns, living was no longer an Earth confined difficult sometimes fearful survival struggle.

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