Fearsome Mantra for Naraka Chaturdashi

This is a fearsome Mantra Sadhana, which is commenced on the day of Naraka Chaturdashi, the second day of the festivities of Diwali. This Mantra experiment has to be conducted in utmost secrecy without sharing the details with anyone else. If the practitioner gains success over this Spell, he can spoil, stop, disrupt, repel and make useless the Black Magic experiments being conducted by a Tantric or any other practitioner of Black magic and Aghori and Tamas Guni Mantra Tantra.

On the day of Naraka Chaturdashi, the practitioner has to chop of the head of a Murga [Cock] with a single stroke. Then he has to take the chopped head of the Cock to any riverbank and bury it there. Then on the morning of the next day, he has to remove the head from the spot where it has been buried and then again bury it in a spot, which is in a place over which food grains grow, like a farm.  The spot where the chopped head is buried should be such that the shadow of a woman will not fall over it.  All this has to be done in secrecy and no one should see him performing the entire experiment.

Then when the food grains like rice or other grains start growing, he has to pluck them with his hands and store them.  The Mantra Experiments given below can be performed using the food grains.

1] To spoil, Disrupt, repel, reverse and make useless the black magic experiments of any magician, the practitioner has to take 7 rice grains in his hand and chant the mantra 21 times and throw the Mantra Infused rice grains on the body of the magician, this spoils his black magic experiments.

2] To spoil the performance of any stage actor or any other stage performer, like a musician or singer, the practitioner has to take 7 grains [any kind], infuse them by chanting the mantra 7 times and then throw the infused grains on the body of the stage performer. This spoils and makes his performance useless.

3] To make any place or thing immune from any kind of black magic, the practitioner has to take 7 rice grains and infuse them by chanting the mantra 21 times and throw them on the place or thing.

A fearsome blackmagic repelling experiment for Fearsome Mantra for Naraka Chaturdashi
Fearsome Mantra for Naraka Chaturdashi 

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