Future Humans will Reverse Aging

A major ever more wanted development for moderns was perfecting ways to achieve ever more DNA improvements throughout many cells in an adult. Also needed were ways to be able to test in cells for any aging complications, then try revising them better. This might nicely let the oldest earliest moderns not only slow cell aging, but then also reverse some aging problems in them.

Then they wouldn't end up aging to death too soon. And then like newer moderns up in the high orbiting settlements, they could live on even for centuries in great health, to keep gaining even more future improvements!

To make DNA changes in existing body cells, sometimes a special infectious agent had been used able to harmlessly temporarily invade selected cells at least enough to be able to find selected special DNA sections, to then test for some unwanted version to eliminate, or else to insert new wanted DNA versions if not yet in cell nucleii.

This agent, maybe a much modified virus, had to multiply and spread itself through the body, as long as it kept finding wanted cells not yet having some improvement. Then when no longer finding such cells lacking that, this special agent had to degrade and eliminate itself. This had all been complicated to get speedily working well.

Or now often getting improved more, a cell sized microrobot, having an attached trailing strong molecular fiber with a communications line back to an external controlling computer, was injected into organ places to do something special, rapidly improving lots of cells there, one after another. Then later when finished, it would get pulled back to the needle tip, and then back outside, available for some future helpful use.

Such cells sized microrobots had several internal microscopic sections which were partly matrices of interconnected special molecules able to function more efficiently and more usefully varied than old robots' far bigger simple mechanical parts. They might test selected cells for some particular DNA section in its nucleus. If an old version, that would be rapidly extracted, with some new wanted version quickly formed there.

Microrobots could be injected into a place suspected of maybe having some cancerous out of control cell expansion started. Many such bad cells would be degraded, with their fragments later ending up excreted. Then when no more were being found, such microrobots would get withdrawn.

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