Days and Nights in Future Space Worlds

The Fullball world at the center of the Ring Sea being formed, needed its Solar light converting disk supporting towers greatly lengthened to reach out beyond the shadow of the new very big film disk being formed outside Ring Sea. But that was no great problem for the virtually weightless Fullball world towers and their wanted Solar energy capturing slowly spun wide disk films.

Between the outside Ring Sea levitation tracks for supporting the wanted Solar light conversion big disk film's tower, would be shadowed cold outer space superconducting electric cables to convey the produced electricity inside the Ring Sea for effective daytime lighting progressively around through half the ring. Tiltable spot lights inside the Ring Sea effective roof would daily shift beamed lights to become somewhat like daily sunlight from Earth's rising Solar dawn horizon, to then look somewhat as if a sun was passing overhead (in steps approaching noon), then seemingly passing down (again in steps) to set down at the opposite horizon, somewhat like a sun rising to pass overhead at noon, and then appear to descend down to become the nighttime's opposite horizon's setting sun. Such angled spotlights could then next lightly convey something a bit like a nighttime moon also having its direction shifting, somewhat as if also passing overhead (in steps), but during simulated night times.

Such Ring Sea simulated day and night times would serve better for plants, and especially more contented animals, than in the smaller simpler cylinder Cyl Sea. Many animals are evolved to daily adjust to or even take some special advantages of some daily night times. And some settlers visiting Ring Sea would be quite contented with the more Earth like simulated full warming lit days then having mildly cooling dark nights slowly shifting daily all around Ring Sea.

In Ring Sea, cables from the top over the atmosphere, reaching down to the bottom under the sea, and cables across between the sides, sustained sea weight and atmospheric pressure. As in Cyl Sea, birds and sea life were little bothered by having cables (coated in bright colors) in their atmosphere and down into the sea. They simply flew or swam around them.

Outside Ring Sea, twin planes of multiple 7-pointed stars of thick strong cable spokes, attached to the sides of the atmosphere top, supported effective weight as Ring Sea rotated. Each 7-pointed star left an open center of radius 181km * sin(90deg/7) = 40.28km. The spherical Fullball balloon world kept centered inside there could thus be expanded still as a sphere to allow just over 3.35 billion folks [3,350,000,000] in the far future, a good fraction of all Earth's population!

Visiting Cyl Sea or Ring Sea, the high orbiting settlers could begin to observe increasing varieties of such natural ocean islands' life forms, and perform some realistic investigations. They could even perform some interesting experiments seeing how several varied life forms lived and might interact at half Earth surface weights.

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