Future Robotically Made Sea in Space

High orbiting settlers were contented with spending good time monitoring the robotic formation, then use of multiple new cable lifts with ocean water lift vessels to collect the huge amounts of sea water needed for Cyl Sea and Ring Sea. Such monitoring suitably repaid the investment group, responsible for their high orbiting settlements having homes and robotic services provided for settlers, and now also paid them enough for generously nicely having the wanted big Cyl & Ring seas robotically constructed.

The high orbiting settlements investors group thus became reasonably contented with kindly having their past not too busy robotic refining and constructions equipment start duplicating past tasks to begin forming and sending to Earth what could be made into a dozen or more added geostationary cable lift systems. These would allow lots more future approved interested folks to gain such cheap ways to move up into the high orbiting settlements. It wasn't too hard to find Earth nations and islands willing to do all needed to provide anchoring sites at least 500km from the equator. The new geostationary cable lifts would provide them cheap superior ways to have many more satellites etc. sent up into orbits, or to also get tossed to reach places far beyond Luna.

And it would be easy to schedule their robotic constructions asteroids to form and send out all needed to keep expanding the present Fullball world many times as needed, to become able to provide comfortable easy living robotically well served new homes for all who could now by cable lifts much more cheaply leave Earth behind, over this and the next century. To help with this, it didn't cost them too much time, (greatly aided by the monitoring subtasks assigned to past settlers), to first start having past needed robotic work repeated, able to then convert some more previously found good asteroids into more good very capable new robotic constructions sources asteroids.

The settlers were happy to perform helpful subtasks. They would let their dreamed of huge Cyl Sea and Ring Sea projects become realities, slowly made and filled with the wanted cable-lifts raised very big ocean water volumes. And in the future, cute vacation Fullball worlds could also be formed at geostationary heights over the equator, each loosely cable linked to a geostationary center.

As news about all this got spread around Earth, more and more people became quite happy with such advances for continually expanding high orbiting settlements. Lots of folks increasingly approved the very impressive schemes to wonderfully preserve off Earth and perpetuate many ocean and island life forms.

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